What's for dinner? SHOES!

Hey hey hey, my new collection is now up!!! Visit my onlinestore Archive Clothing for lots of  vintage and one-of-a kind pieces. I also want to apologize for the sucky low-res photos. It's my fault. I re-sized all the photos then deleted the original files. When I cropped them--to my horror-- the size is just 300kb. Sucks. And I can't make it bigger anymore it gets pixelized. Oh well, story of my life. Anyway here are some of the photos from site...

buy the pants at archive:)
pants sold to Lloyda!:)

Buy this Uniqlo oversized sweater at Archive.

buy this top and skirt from Archive

In between taking photos, Mr. Mailman arrived with a package. 


 The shoes I pre-ordered from an onine store on facebook...

This nude pumps is so comfy. I have to buy more shoes with chunky heels!

They are both surprisingly comfy and I just had to wear them immediately. Heee...

I might set this ensemble aside coz I decided to use it for the modern filipiniana shoot for saturday. Ya think?

That's it. Can't wait to roadtest my new babies soon. Toodles!:)

P.S. Got featured on Stylesample.com and got included in their current magazine issue! Yey.:) Thanks Tamia. 

View SS magazine's 10th issue HERE. :) page 2 and 22!:)

And their maxi skirt feature on Stylesamplemag.com

Annebeth and Folake of Style Pantry is also there. Check it out HERE! (if you have free time hehe). Mwah!


  1. i LOVE all of these! they are so so cute!

  2. Celeb! The Great PAX indeed! LOVES!

  3. wahhhh!! I love the nude pumps!! what online store did you get it? :)

  4. congrats on the feature. WOWZA.. that maxi skirt is epic. :D
    i see you have a new shoot corner. i like the whiteness of it too.

  5. wow.. amazing pieces!!! i love your new shoes!! aaahh!! those pumps are lovely! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. i am loving the black shoes! please do share the link. :)

    lovely collection again ais! xx


  7. ooh..congrats on the feature....love the nude pumps....i love your styling...!!!!

  8. Love this teh, ganda mo naman!!! :)))

  9. love everything! :) congrats on the feature! :)

  10. Loveeee your store! and congrats for the feature! OH and btw, this is Lyka! the one who approached you during PFW from a mag. haha :D

  11. Aww, you look gorgeous!!!!!!!! :-) I'm so happy I'm following you Pax! I get to have a lot of ideas in terms of styling!!! :-)

  12. Gawd, I'm so drooling over those nude pumps.

  13. the nude pumps look classy but trendy at the same time! i want them cuban heels na! :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  14. Awesome! The white pair is gorgeous! :D I love all those looks you posted. :D

  15. THE SHOES LOOK YUMMY! Especially the pumps.


  16. What store in facebook did you get your shoes? :o

  17. Pax, I want that leopard print top you have there! Where'd you get them? Kookie and I have been itching on leopard prints! hahaha

  18. Thanks and I'd randomly browsed into your blog, coz I'm searching some modern filipiniana ensemble [inspired] for our nearly graduation cause I don't wanna rent a gown and can't use it anymore after, I opt to buy new clothes and mix and match to come up with such ensemble. (yey!)Haha!


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