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Yesterday, I attended the SM Fashion Forum event at SM Makati. I was late for the blogger's sneak peak but I was too early for the runway show. Hihi. Anyway, here's what happened in photos...

SM now carries high-end foreign brands (see photo above for the list of labels) that caters to the fashion forward women of today. There was an ongoing sale and preview of all the labels all day. Everyone shopped til they dropped. Sadly, I was late for everything except the runway show itself. Boohoo. 

  I'm all alone. Lol.

My press kit! 

The guests:)
The host--Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes

My bag (left), Bestie's bag (right)

Sorry I was bored. At half past 7 the show finally started. And here are my top picks fresh from the runway!

Love the bodycon dresses!

Smitten with the blue one.

My favorite from the bunch--sequined blazer/jacket

I would love to wear these maxi dresses. The colors are so vibrant. Loves:)

And here's some photos from the area itself...

Jeffrey Campbells--they will be bringing in the edgier styles at the end of the month! So start saving ladies:)

Arturo Chiang

Crushing on this Dolce Vita clog-ish shoes:)

Need something to wear to upcoming parties? Just choose from rows and rows of pretty dresses:)

Miss Couture wall (love the clothes!)

Cute vest
romantic lace skirt:)

Love this jacket from BB Dakota!

But I'm definitely lusting on this one... for P6K. Yes, it's not cheap.

Pretty bags from Chinese Laundry.

Must have this. I can imagine wearing this even at home. Hihi. Goddess effect?!

The items range from P1000-P7000. I didn't check all the tags so I'm pretty sure I'm only half right. Lol. But I assure you the items are of high quality. All classy and elegant. :)

And here are some photos post event...

with Bestie and her friend Karen:)

quick chat with Rosanna of Littlemissdressup

with Bestie, Rosanna, Dana and Hannah


Love our photo:)

Had to give in to my yogurt craving...

@Tutti Frutti

I have a new fave! Choco-peanut. yum.

And here's an outfit shot!

shirt-vintage, shorts-thrifted, wedge-CMG, bag-fabmanilabags.com

Went to the Freeway event earlier and I was impressed!!! Will blog about what happened and why it was so--Imeldific:)


  1. I've tagged you in a post...Can't wait to hear your confessions


  2. wow the dresses are all fabulous and all those shoes and bags.

    love your shorts. xx


  3. Wow, SM looks awesome! But I'm definitely staying away because I'm on a shopping ban right now. :(

    I love your headband in the last photo! Where'd you get? :D

  4. Aw looks like an awesome and fun event. All your pictures of great clothes really makes me want to go shopping!

  5. I love your outfit specially the wedges! <3 great fashion show and evet! <3


  6. super love ko talaga style niyo ni bestie! :)

  7. Sa SM Makati lang 'tong mga 'to? :) Ang layoooo kasi. Haha. Oh, and I wanna own a Chinese Laundry bag someday!

  8. Awww, I wish I was there! It looked like a lot of fun! Btw, Rissa said the sequin jacket you liked is Php3,475 lang! Get it na! =)

  9. Oh! It's Php3,975 pala! =)

  10. Great shots! I love the shorts you were wearing :)

    check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

  11. waaahhh loving that military jacket as well.

  12. A shopping paradise! Love your outfit!

    Embracing Style

  13. oh paxie you look cute in your last photo...

    great event...love the blue dress too...and are they selling these in all Sm stores?


  14. wow!!! S.M's definitely improving. :))
    Here's the link of Archive's dress..hihi..susyal!!
    (last part sis) :)

  15. Pax you look so cute with those ear mickey mouse ears (pero cheetah print pala, haha).

    LOoove your shorts!

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  17. that is so amazing!!!! it's so nice to see the vibrant colors in the runway!! and wow.. may jcs na jan!! so cool!! :D

    Animated Confessions


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