Friday I'm Inlove

Last Friday, I went to a styling stint for Dine Asia magazine. I'll be honest, it was not my favorite shoot EVER. I have a LOT of negative comments as to how it went (no free food, no fee, 4 hours waiting), but as Mich said "you love what you're doing, so it shouldn't be a problem". Right. Breathe in, breathe out. It was a good thing that I only had to prepare 2 corporate outfits.

...but of course I had to bring extras. Just in case. :) Can you guess what I made them wore? The owner of the company being featured own some Swiss restaurants like Capriccio and I'm Angus Steakhouse all located at San Antonio Village, Makati. I just had to take a photo with the famous bulls (or is it cows?)..

gray blazer-thrifted, top-H&M, shoes-custom made, zebra belt-Wade, accs-Z shop & Anagon

The shoot was closed door and I had to wait outside for about an hour. The shoot ended at around 4:30pm. Mich's office was nearby so I headed there after--thought I'd just wait for her so we could go to the apartment together for our Kebab party. 

 Friendster's cool wall

 Cheese overload + meaty spaghetti

Showcasing my accs--sorry for the haggardness.

another Z necklace. I love.

my beloved brogues.:)

It was raining hard but we were able to come home safe and the Kebab party was still a go. Had to run to the grocery to buy some more food. By 10 pm we were all set! With only 3 hours of sleep I endured the whole night. We all bid adios at around 7am! =)

grillin' kebab!

..and I still had to work. Bummer.

YUM. kebab + grilled squid

... makis. :)

All we did was sit, eat, drink, chill. 

my cousin Kang.

Puyat gang (with my cousin Kang's cousins from the other side)

Whatever. Lol.

At around 6am, we all decided to get some early morning sansrival fix. So off to Burger Machine we all went. Headed home afterwards. We all agreed, it was one of the best hangouts ever. Or maybe because I've been running around for days and this was what I needed to close my week. Either way, I ended up staying in bed the whole day Saturday--eating my heart away while watching Dexter and Man vs. Wild on dvd. I love it. After one helluva week, I totally deserve it!=) How was your weekend guys? I missed you!:)


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you all had fun....and your food pics are making me hungry!

    Check out my blog

  2. Namiss ko naman ang "All we did was sit, eat, drink, chill" ng barkada ko! :) You deserve the rest, ms. hardworking stylist! :)

  3. the best nights spend together is with your friends nothing beats that...we all miss their company if we get a lot of commitments on our hand...

    good thing you were able to enjoy the party love...you deserve this after all you've been working so hard...



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