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I love how I spent my weekend. I missed 2 events last Saturday just to lie in bed all day and catch up on rest. Last Sunday, I was trying to use my puss-in-boots technique for Mich to let me shop at Gateway/SM Cubao/Alimall coz there was a 3-day sale. But I failed, so I just accepted my fate and off to Megamall we went. I am currently on a mini-mini shopping ban coz we are moving to a bigger apartment this Tuesday and we had to pay quite a huge amount of money for the deposit. But I still went home with a shopping bag on hand! Why? Coz of this...

I know the outfit looks familiar but I'm wearing a different shorts and shirt. I swear! =)

As a thank you gift (for blogging about their new collection), Ensembles gave me P1K worth of GC. Picked it up at their Megamall branch. The envelope has a sticker with my name and blog name on it. Cute.

Tried on 2 of my favorite items--can you guess which one I picked? :)

Military jacket by Debbie Co

This is Mich's bet--cute tweed jacket:)

While waiting for my purchase:)

Tired. or sad? lol

We walked around some more afterwards. I didn't buy anything else but it was very hard not to look when all the shops are on sale! Ugh. I went to Forever 21 to check if they already have the peep-toe clogs, but I went home empty handed only to my dismay. The ladies here are fast! Within 2 days stocks are all gone and my sizes all sold-out. Damn. :P We also watched M. Night's movie "Devil". It was awesome. The plot is predictable though and I guessed who the devil was right away, but it scared me! There's also a lot of moral lessons, so it's a must see.

Anyway, this morning my fashion school friends and I went to Divisoria (a big big market here in Manila)  to do some serious accessories shopping for styling. I shelled out P2500 ($60) for all these!!!

5 belts for P100 (P20 each), black leggings (P75), 2 braided belts (P20 each), knee high socks (P70 each)

Skirt hanger for bazaar (10 for P100), bracelets (P100 each), dogtag (P50), leather cuffs (P20 each), 
pearl necklace with flower brooch (P130), earrings (P45 each)

juicy bracelets (P100 each), beaded cuffs (P50 each), earrings (P50), necklaces (P70 each)

I was also able to buy 100 pcs of shopping bags for my upcoming bazaars for P180 only. Yey! I went home broke but happy. Lol. Now all I need to do is organize my things and I'm all set. =) How was your weekend and your week so far? :)

In other news, I was featured on another Spanish online magazine--MUST! :) If anyone can translate it for me I'd be very grateful. Hee. =)

My feature HERE
 And if you did read it, thank you for taking the time and effort! :) Loves.


  1. i super <3 your blog.. you are the one who inspired me to create an account in blogspot and made me think to create my own blogs too. but its been a month and im still having a hard time creating my first post. haha.

    i joined your last promo and thought of making it as my first post if ill become a winner but sadly i lost. hehe, but it's ok. your blog still inspires me. honestly, your blog is the reason too why im dressing up now, i always check your outfit photos and i uber love it.

    btw, can you recommend someone who can design my site for me, it's ok if they will charge me.. :)

    a big fan of yours,
    anna cristina ;)

  2. @Anna - email me!:) I still want to be part of your 1st post. :) *winks* and thank you for the kind words. very much appreciated!=)

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  4. Hi Aisa! I wanna go divisoria shopping with you!hehe!:) when and where is your bazaar? I wanna join too!:)

  5. Congratulations love...on the feature love...you deserve it...

    great finds for your bazaar whehehe..can't wait for more photos!!!!


  6. hi,

    i love your brogues! you mind sharing where you get it?


  7. Aisaaaa! I love your brogues! I'll get one! Are you accepting orders na? :)

  8. gosh! love your brogues! :) they are so pretty! will this design be included in your MTO for this month?

  9. love your finds! I love going to divisoria too..:D Hope will be bazaar-mate..hehehe..:D

    I love your gray blazer! and the brogues is fab! <3

    To anne: me too, aisa inspired me to create an account here..<3


  10. Love your outfit and the tweed jacket:)

    Greetz from Poland

  11. Shopping!!! I lo-love!!! Looking great babe!

  12. girls here are indeed so fast when it comes to f21. You have to practically live so near mega to get the items agad =p i love your ensemble jackets! lovely.

  13. Oh man, I wish I live anywhere NEAR Divi. Sadly, I live in Cebu. Haha

    Love your shoes. Which reminds me, I pre-ordered the Oxfords you have up for uh...pre-order on Mult. Cannot wait! :)

  14. Thanks so much for subscribing!xoxo


  15. amazing shoes!!! congrats on the gc and the feature!!! :D

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