Last Sunday I went to Rockwell to visit SCHU. Schu has always been one of my favorite shoe stores. I've always loved the designs and styles of their shoes. I owned quite a few pairs before, but then Ondoy came and I had to say goodbye to them. So I got really excited when Ms. Ruby Gan texted me back inviting me to check out SCHU.

When I finally saw the SCHU sign, I got giddy from excitement--like a little kid who was about to enter a candystore. I was greeted by their very friendly sales staff, then I was on my own for my candy shoe land exploration.

The first items that caught my fancy were the bracelets on display in their accessories rack. I love it!

I'm so drawn to the blue one. Each piece is priced P2K+from their Vita Fede collection.

The next thing that caught my eye is this shoe...

I love the beadwork! Priced at P2199

Their new collection was mostly inspired by nature, ethnic, boho and even food! They also did awesome collaborations with different designers.

 Priced at P2399 & P2699

Pretty wedges that's just perfect to wear with your favorite maxi dress. It still feels like summer in Manila so this would also go perfectly with shorts and a cute girly blouse!


Cage booties that is just perfect for nightouts. You can even wear it with socks! They're surprisingly comfy too!

Clog-esque style. Love the boho design complete with fringes and the studded platforms. P2999

 Trying it on. It looks perfect with my outfit. Hehe.

One of my favorites--strappy leopard/snakeskin print shoes. Love the chunky heels. P3199

I just had to try them on! I can think of a million ways on how to wear this.

Cute boho mini wedge sandals. :)  I'd totally wear this with a pretty flowy dress or shorts. P2299

And here are some cute sandals that makes me think of food /candy!

Woven flats - P1999

Tasseled - P1999

And here are their designer series collection:

Phoebe Charn

Gorgeous loafers. Love the colors! I'll wear this with shorts + buttondown shirt. P2699

Oxfords overload. I love the nude one best. P2699

Boho flats. Super cute. P2199

Unique boots made of canvas, velcro and leather. Cute colors and prints!

 Price ranges from P3399-P3699

Of course, I had to try the yellow one. The sole is made of anti-slip material. It is also very comfortable to wear. And here's a close-up:

Julien Laffont

Massimo Colcera
I'm crushing on the oxford cut-out heels! Price ranges from P2699-P3399

Sharon Paris (I didn't see his card)
Cute snakeskin flats. I love the retro girl on the sole.

Click HERE to know more about these very talented designers.

They still have some pairs on sale...

And they also have pretty bags. I like this one.

In summary, SCHU offers a wide variety of products fit for every fashionista. They truly stand by their mission and that is to provide all fashionistas out there stylish pieces that are delightfully comfortable and wearable. So visit the nearest SCHU store now. Yes, there are SCHU-es for everyone. :)

"From our very first pair in 2004, schu has carved its niche in the shoe industry with out whimsical take on women's footwear. The mandatory twist in style is always accompanied by a delightfully comfortable wearability. We are high street fashion with sense, giving those on a shoestring budget a well-heeled alternative.Big on attitude with a kaleidoscopic colour palette, our shoes have become perennials in every trendy wardrobe from Paris to Berlin to Tokyo. From the runway to the walkway, we endeavour to make quirky and fun designer shoes accessible to every girl."

As a gift, Ms. Ruby made me take home a pair. And this is what I brought home...

I'm addicted to strappy shoes and leopard prints. So this was a no brainer. :)

And here's an outfit post debuting my new SCHU babies!

whiteshirt-G2000, shorts-thrifted, belt-SM, necklace-Anagon, shoes - courtesy of SCHU

I have tons of ideas on how I'd style this pair, but my 1st outfit post came easily as soon as I saw this cute leopard print shorts in a thrift shop near our house. It's a match made in shoe heaven. :)  And my spiked pearls from Anagon was the icing on the cake. More pics...

I love SCHU!:)

Visit their:


  1. I loove schu! my mother gave me a pair of schu flats in aquamarine, its super gorge! and im loving the canvass sneakers with the heels! and awesome choice! it looks fab on you

  2. me loves Schu too! I always visit their store whenever I'm visiting manila. Lovin the leopard shorts and blazer, you're so chic as always :)

  3. looking so awesome in leopard!! waaahhh!!! love this outfit and how the shoes are perfect with it!! :D

    i really like schu too!!! i want the first pair you tried on and the oxfords!! aaahh!!

    Animated Confessions

  4. schu!!!! i love schu! i own almost all their oxfords (i have 4 pais)! hahaha and their loafers! i have 3 pairs! :p obsessed much eh?

  5. Wow! Schuuu!!! :) Nice one Aisa! :) How lovely it is to get free stuff right? :) Weee!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. Cool pick Pax!! :D That shoes is gorgeous!! :)
    Thank you for featuring my site again Pax! :)) I love how you wear your Anagon Necklaces in so many ways!! :)

  7. This made me want to go to SCHU ASAP!!!

  8. Wow! Feel ko bagay lahat ng schus sa outfit mo :)

  9. i love schu!:) the woven candy looking one is what i'm eyeing on hehe :)

  10. I love your new shoes! You're so lucky to have found those shorts. Thrifted? Who would have thought! You look amazing Paxie!

  11. great pair love....

    I love the Leopard print Paxie...and it suits your style too...


  12. OH WOW! they really have nice shoes there! loving the loafers! (texting my sister ASAP to get me all three!) and the fringed sandals you tried on are the BOMB! love the pair you got but i think you should have gotten the fringed one!!

    anyway, love the outfit you put together! really a match made in shoe heaven. ;)

    PS: thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  13. I have never heard of this shop, but it looks like it's teeming with amazing goods. At first I thought it was a typo as we have Schuh here from where I live instead of Schu. Lol

    Wish I could pull off those shoes as you do, girl you fierce!

  14. I love Schu :) The oxfords and loafers are love

  15. i was thinking that you'll get the clog-type shoes instead. but i love what you chose also. and it looked great with your animal-print shorts!

  16. I may seem a bit crazy but I love them ALL!!!


  17. You look so stylish and gorgeous! Love your outfit!

    Embracing Style


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