Shiny Red Balloons

For me, my shiny red balloons would be-- new clothes, new shoes or new accessories. Haha. I'm superficial like that. Sometimes. :P Last Sunday, I woke up late (as in 4pm) due to a slight hangover from a party the previous night (will post a separate entry for that). I still decided to go to Rockwell to pick-up my prize from Rosanna's blog giveaway (1 whole outfit from The Ramp) coz I won't have any more time this week. So I threw on my comfiest clothes--oversized cardi, white dress, tan belt and pink oxfords (sorry I wasn't able to take a photo)--and off to Rockwell we went. Mich and I were so hungry coz we haven't eaten all day. But I wanted to go to Aranaz first to pick-up the prize and get it over with. Due to hunger I went to the wrong store looking for prizes they were totally clueless about. Mich wanted to die laughing. I hate you Mich. I finally went to the right store and claimed my prize--which I absolutely adore!!!:) 

Here they are...

gray/white stripes dress + tan trench coat with belt

cute orange fedora + gray fringe bag = LOVE!

I originally wanted to eat at Gram's diner but we were so hungry we just ate at the 1st resto we saw--Cafe Mediterranean. It was my 1st time to dine there and I loved it.

Ordered the 5-plate sampler (chose hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tzatziki, Falafel, Kofta)

I personally love the sampler plate. I got addicted to the cucumber+mint one called Tzatsiki. I hope they sell in jars soon. Also ordered grilled beef kebab with buttered rice. I'm such a pig. :)

I love the side salad! It really cleanses the palette after.

I love this dessert--frozen chocolate (tastes like milo!yum!)

After Rockwell,  we decided to head straight to Megamall coz I wasn't  in the mood to go home yet. Of course, I had to go to Forever 21 again. Surprisingly, I got out without buying anything! And knowing me, I just had to buy something. So I dragged Mich to St. Francis Square. Mich passed time at the DVD area while I was looking around. I was able to buy a cute slouch sweater for P300 and this lovely bag for P500! =)

Such a lucky find! I love the color combination and I love that all my things could fit in it. :) So there, gotta run for now. I have an event to go to in 3 hours. Will blog about what happened to my Saturday later! So---laters!=)

P.S. To my Glamour.com feature haters---I still love you guys! Lol.:)


  1. drool on the food!=p~ looks good!

    I love your prize too! gorgeous coat and hat!:)

    I'm somewhat like that too. I can't go out without buying anything hehe.

    Your glamour.com haters are just jealous!Xp

  2. i love the orange fedora :) so adorable

  3. Ahh you are so lucky! That orange fedora is LOVE.

  4. waw. you remembered the 5sampler thingy! i can barely pronounce them. so talented kana ngayon?

  5. aaahh... love cafe mediterranean!

    cant wait to see you wear those new items!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. im itching for shiny red balloons also. :D

  7. ooh yum! i really love your food posts as much as i love your outfit posts! love the gray fringe bag too! :)

  8. lovely lovely fedora! ^^

    have a great week, guapa!

  9. I suddenly missed Barbie's Cradle with your entry title! XD


  10. Aisa! Cafe Mediterranean is my FAVORITE! Nagutom tuloy ako :))

  11. Wow, you always win in blog giveaways! I love the bag and the hat! Lucky you! :)


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