My Cup is Full

I've not been sleeping well for the past weeks. But you know it's worth it. Got to style for another shoot yesterday. This time it's for an openshoot teaser by MJ Cachero. The working theme was Fashion Wars or runway ready. The shoot was different from all my other shoots coz it was held late at night! But it worked to my advantage coz I had enough time to rest after my all-nighter (work). I almost came in late because of the terrible terrible traffic. Turned out I was still too early for the others. The shoot started at around 9pm and ended at 1am! Thank you Mich for tagging along even if you were tired and had to sleep on the floor. :/

Final photos and official teaser to be posted soon. For the meantime, here are some behind the scenes...

latag mode.

With my styling ka-tandem--Jear:)

1st look.

I changed my mind and made her wear the white shirt instead.  Does the outfit look familiar?:)
Sorry for the seemingly possessed face. Lol.

The transition was fast so I had to act and style fast! My fastest so far. Hehe. I was also told that we were doing 2 looks per model. This made me panic a little 'coz I only prepared 3 outfits as per our original agreement. It's a good thing that I always bring extra sets just in case I encounter problems. It proved useful! I was so prepared to take off my clothes and make the model wear it just to complete the set. Lol.

3rd look.

4th look. (my fave!)

Me and model Faith. (I love her name!)

Mich made her do that. Haha. I feel so small.

Jear with his model JM.

On standby.

Group shot! Models, Stylists, HMUAs

And the rest of the team. Photogs, Casting agent, MUA

It was a lot of fun. It's always nice to meet new people and work with familiar faces. Good news is, we were asked to be the official stylists for the openshoot that'll happen on October. So excited for that! Will announce details soon. :)

In other news ... I finally tried another courier! I've been using XEND for the longest time but now I finally decided to explore other shipping options. It all happened when I found a cute yellow romper on a multiply site. I thought it'd be perfect for my styling gig tomorrow--the Pin-Up themed openshoot. So I contacted the seller if I can buy it and get it the same day 'coz I need it by 12 noon tomorrow. She said yes, but she don't know any other courier aside from Air21. So I started looking for couriers who offer same day shipping. I then found myself in an ebay forum. That's where I discovered Metro Courier Express and Jam Global Express. It was perfect timing 'coz I've been fussing over Xend's tiny tiny pouch size. With MCE, I can fit 2 boxes of oxford shoes in one pouch!:) I was able to ship out almost all the oxford orders today--all with boxes! So watch out ladies, your new shoes might be at your doorstep anytime tomorrow. Yey. And lookie! Got my package before 6pm. Amazing.

The cute yellow romper.

And here's my new pale pink oxfords! I'm ordering more colors soon.

 I'll accept orders again on the 1st week of October. Mark your calendars!:)

Anyway, I have a feeling I won't be getting much sleep again for the coming weeks coz I have a lot of activities lined up. I also got an invitation for a bloggers only dinner event on Tuesday to be held at Bizu, Greenbelt. It will be hosted by Kimberly Clark and it's for their new feminine pad launch.

Speaking of which, my friend Golda from Kimberly Clark asked me to invite 9 more girlys to this event. And you my readers, can be a part of it! :)  Just leave a comment with your name and contact details (number or email) and I'll contact you and send you the invitation. 

Dress to the nines! Be fun. flirty and girly!:) Off to bed now, gotta rest for tomorrow's shoot. Ciao bellas!

P.S. Got featured at Glamour.com!!! Psyched! Thank you Tracy =)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. wow! thanks for sharing!! great pictures and great styling!!


  2. the pink oxfords are cute!!!!! and again, great job with the styling! ma-try nga ang MCE! how much is their shipping fee w/in MM?

  3. Wow these are such amazing events! Congrats, and more to come! :D Lovely clothes

  4. I can't wait to order oxfords!!:) now im thinking if I should still go with the brown and white? kinda liking the pale pink!:) congrats with the glamour feature!

    AVA TE

  5. Great job Aisa! I wish I can do some styling stints also, I think it is enjoying:)

    Oh and may I ask where did you get the big plastic bag with pouches, the one where you put your accessories?:)

  6. How exiting! You did an expert job. I completely agree with your sediments about the 4th look, it is absolutely amazing.


  7. ang busy mo teh! winner yan. ^^

    oi pala, support us


    karl and i are coming with our own clothing line... hahahaha

    shameless plugging. ^^

  8. I wanna join! I'm a friend of Anagon's :) Krissy here of krissyfied.com heh, krissyfied(at)gmail.com, 09178925747 :)

    Those pink oxfords are so pretty!

  9. so many good things happening for you!! amazing! :D congrats on the feature!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  10. the shoot looks great! the behind of scenes pics look busy but also very fun, one day i'd love to do what you are doing!

  11. I looooove the oxfords! You sell them?

  12. yey!!! congratulations on the feature Paxie...you deserve it...and take a break after all the work...you have been working so hard lately...


  13. Those pink oxfords are amazing!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun at the shoot.

  14. beautiful oxfords!!!!keep up the good work bt also take care of yourself!!rest!!


  15. great photos, looks very interesting!

  16. Got my white oxfords na :D
    I will post photos soon.

    Eleanor Tolentino

  17. I really like those pale pink oxfords! ): Could you please please ask if they can make a size 10 pair? (:


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