I styled for Bleach N' Stain's openshoot (theme: Pin-Up) last Saturday. It was a lot of fun! I was styling (no time to even sit!) for almost 10 hours straight, but we were laughing all the time so I didn't really feel the load. The whole team was super professional and all-out supportive so it made everything much easier. :) It started at around 1pm and ended at around 11pm! Together with my ka-tandem Jear, I styled for 20 participants--both ladies & gents. You would notice in my previous posts that I mostly do styling with Jear. Well, he's my favorite styling buddy and he's really the best at what he does. He's also very good at improvising and his inputs are very creative. I really think we make the perfect team! :) Our first client, Gus, is an airforce pilot and he was kind enough to lend us props for the shoot! Thank you Gus. At the end of the day we also had our chance to get dolled up and do our own retro thingies infront of the camera! Thank you Darz!

So here are some behind the scenes...

Wearing: shirt-Elle Paris, shorts-thrifted, shoes-customized pink brogues

 Aye, Aye captains!

 Overexposed. Lol.

 Gus--thanks for the props! I was so amazed by his authentic dogtags. I wanted to steal them.

 the girls:)

 Busy busy.


 Beach girl and beach boy?

 Moonlighting as the new photographer! :)

 getting ready to take Vil's headshot...


 WTH hehehe!

 Eyebags galore. So what! hehe

Final photos to be posted soon! Thank you Darz, Vil, Joyce, Rina, Lorenz and Yeoh. :) Til our next openshoot! With only 3 hours of sleep, I headed straight to my cousin's bday/ boardpassing celebration. I can't even decipher how I was able to stay awake until 5 am. 

my weird & cute cousin Therese.

 Brangelina (I'm brad, she's angelina--i know i know) of the tibo world. Chos. Haha!


 Chesca the boardpasser/bday girl

 sorry if i look wasted (i already am, haha)

 What the hell is wrong with me? Too much gin!

 Crazy eyes. 

Went home walking like a crazy drunk man. After a week of not sleeping and hardwork, it was worth it--and i deserved it! :P  Will post next about the METRO wedding event I attended earlier. But for now, I should sleep for there's another event tomorrow. Ciao! :)


  1. aaahhh what a great theme for the shoot!! fun!

    Animated Confessions

  2. it looked like a fun shoot!

  3. OMG. i love that brown avaiator leather jacket with patches that guy is wearing. any idea where can i buy one like that? :D

  4. what a fun shoot! :D the brangelina comment made me laugh!

  5. Styling for 10 hours! Wow! I am impressed! Looking forward to seeing the end result.

    Embracing Style

  6. woah seems like a great day at the studio ! i love the navy themed styling :)

  7. wonderful photos! looks like you had a great time <3


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