METRO Weddings: Cary Santiago & John Herrera

I attended the METRO Weddings event sponsored by Samsung last Monday. Due to the unbearable traffic  at around 6:45 pm exactly on Dela Rosa street Makati,  I really considered to just cancel and watch a movie with Mich instead. Mich changed her clothes inside the cab and I had to eat a quick dinner on the road too. But 5 minutes before 7pm we finally arrived at Marriott Hotel. The event hasn't started yet thank God--and it didn't start until 9pm. So I had enough time to freshen up and fix myself. I went with my girls Rech, Lia and Wei. They too were super late because of the traffic. Cocktails were served and I wanted to down 5 glasses of wine. Haha. BUT, of course I can't. Saw a lot of famous people but I was too shy--or I think too proud, haha--to take photos with them. Mich on the other hand disappeared often and reappears with different food in her hands and mouth. She enjoyed the food more than people watching. The only person she recognized there was Rachel Alejandro. So old school. The rest for her are blank faces. Haha. Anyway, the show was spectacular and the collection--amazing. :)

Here's how it all went in photos...

The crowd.

Free food! --ice cream... and some other things Mich kept on eating...

Sir Shannon Pamaong--owner of FIP.


And now here are photos from the show... i super love the styling and creative direction! Bravo. And some of the models were past brides and future brides to be.

5th row but we got good seats!

Sarah Meier

Vicky Belo giving an award. (she was escorted by hayden kho!)

And here's the fabulous collection of John Herrera...

the concept was goth-ish bride. I love it!

love the styling, the music and the hair/make-up

Mika Lagdameo

Cheska Garcia

Models were holding an Ipad-ish new gadget from Samsung.

Final walk.

Curtain call.

And now here is Cary Santiago's fantabulous collection.. I love everything!

Designer to the stars--Mr. Cary Santiago

Curtain call.

Love this shot!

The show was well executed as well as the designs of the gowns and dresses! I heard a lot of girls saying, "When I get married I want Cary and John to make my gown!". I guess that itself was proof that the event was a success. Congratulations Sir John! =)

P.S. I got featured online on the spanish magazine Vanidad! Read my feature HERE.
It's in spanish though. Hee. But if you're interested enough you could just translate my interview through google translation or something. Hehe. Yey.:)


  1. omg, I do loooveee bridal gowns, this collection is stunning!

  2. I love your yellow dress. Vintage? Srsly, Pax, idol ka sa vintage choices. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Hope you had lots of Haagen Dasz icecream. Jealous! XD

    Spam of frou-frou

  3. @Saving Capulet - me too!!!:) love it!:)

    @spam - yes yes vintage from my lola!:) if you like vintage you could buy from my online store din (haha shameless plugging). And yup it was a lot of fun!:)

  4. Cary's collection is wow! And I like your yellow dress :)

    The Explosive Orange

  5. wow.. those are some contemporary wedding dresses!!! seems like an awesome event, dear! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. woah the details are just mindblowing. they're so gorgeous! i hope he can make my wedding gown too! i wonder how long it took him to make one.

  7. ohmigosh! fabulous! you know how I love anything wedding related..naaliw ako kay mich.ahahaha..ang kengkoy. :))

  8. oh wow, those by cary santiago are breathtaking! makes you want to get married. wala na bang ibang events na pwedeng magsuot ng bridal gowns na ganyan?? haha!


  9. Alex - cge ill buy pambahay lng. keri? waheheheh!

    Ethel, Smarla, Sybil, Roan == i know right! Super ganda ng details. Parang ang hirap gawin. Labor of love talaga!

  10. Pax! I envy you! The metro event looked amazingly fantabulous. I supah loved the gowns, the collections! Gosh!

    Melai of Style and Soul


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