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I didn't get enough sleep today. I'm really glad I was able to spend the weekend in my pajamas--watching dvds and eating and eating. Anyway, early this morning I got a text from a magazine editor (same one from my previous posts) asking if I could intern (for the Jr. Fashion Editor post) as soon as possible just so they could see how I work. It was really sad to turn the offer down but I'm sticking to my priorities now--paying my bills and traveling. I decided to just stick with my home based job that actually feeds me while letting me do the things I love--my online store Archive and freelance styling. I also got a text from Outbox Media asking if I could style again for a shoot they're doing on Sept. 26. Of course I said yes! :) They also asked for Ana. So excited for our styling tandem again. Yey!

Since I can't go back to sleep anymore after replying to text messages, I just decided to head to Robinsons Galleria to claim my prize. I got a little sad that my Topshop GC dream didn't come true (Ha-Ha!), but I still love what I got. A cute green real leather purse from Topshop! Thank you Michelle Araullo! =)

I was refraining myself from shopping because I wanted to buy Mich a gift and surprise her. Mission accomplished! :) I'm pretty sure she'd blog about it soon. YEP! She do have her own blog. She will kill me if she finds out I "exposed" her secret little blogging world. But I'm certain I will be able to redeem myself--through food! So if you want to check out how witty and sarcastic she is, how a gf/bf of someone as maarte as me lives her life, just click HERE.I have a lot of weird photos in there so just close your eyes if you encounter one. Lol.

So back to regular programming. I wasn't able to stop myself from going inside Forever 21. That store is like a huge magnetic field that before we know it, we're already inside wondering how we ever got there! Lol. Bought a huge bow headband for future shoots and for my own amusement. And saw a cute Brian Lichtenberg tee which I swear I'd go back for tomorrow!

My email has been serving me good lately. I again went home today with some good news in my inbox. It was from Rosanna Aranaz--of Littlemissdressup--informing me that I won in their blog giveaway. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My first ever win! I won a complete outfit from The Ramp. I'm so over the moon. =) =) =)

And here's what I wore today:

Topshop dress, thrifted jacket, Keds sneakers

Changed the shoelaces.

And look who came over to visit! I think it's my lucky charm.

Have a great week loves! :)

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  1. Lovin' the blue dress and denim jacket combo. :) WOW! that's a pretty but, and I normally hate bugs! They freak me out. ha ha.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. ooohhh so casual chic!!!! congrats on winning the giveaway!!

    Animated Confessions

  3. lovin' the denim jacket and blue dress combo. even the shoelaces matched the outfit. as usual, you look pretty and oh so chic aisa. :)


  4. I love the dress and that bow headband. Soo cute!!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yours is nice too. Have a great week! :)

  5. Love your dress!=)
    Oh I've followed Mich's blog--she has what I call"dry wit and humor"=) nonetheless, I find myself laughing out loud with her musings,=)

  6. wow i am jealous that's a total good news! the whole outfit from The Ramp is so nice! congrats! :)

    by the way, it was so nice to meet you at the event, Aisa! oh and i am so addcited to F21 too haha! you're not alone, hehe! :)

  7. Heyy :) Thanks so much for your kind words.

    The bow headband is so pretty! Yes I know what you mean about entering Forever 21. I don't care what other people say, it's a wonderland of pretty things for people who love pretty things.

    Keep posting! I'm really considering taking certificate courses on basic fashion design or styling, though I'm still contemplating whether it's for me. For now I'm letting myself be inspired by stylists and fashion bloggers and reporters. :)

  8. i got an email from Rosanna last night, too! i'm the other blog giveaway winner!! best news ever. but i'm still hoping it wasn't a mistake or anything, haha! yaaaaaay, i'm so excited for us! :D

    boat ride through the sky

  9. I love hearing about the exciting things happening in your life!

    Lovely casual outfit. Makes me miss my denim jacket which seems to have disappeared.

    Embracing Style

  10. i'm even drawn magnetically to the F21 site, how much more the actual store??? i wish we have F21 here in Cebu...i would literally buy shoes every month...LOL.

    ♥ POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥ 

  11. Aisa! Kelan ba ako makakasama sa inyo ni Ana?? Hahaha pwede ba sumama diyan??? hahaha

    Miss you guys! I envy all these styling offers you get but at the same time, I'm ultimately happy for you! You deserve it cuz you're soo good at it! :) Congrats on winning teh. Mwuah! Miss you ni Ana!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  12. Congrats on winning dear. :) Much deserved.

    I didnt get to say hello to you at eh Glitterati event, I was to shy. hehehe. :) Nevertheless, I learnt my lesson, I shall conquer my fear. hehehe.

    Love your blue ensemble. :) The sneakers are definitely something I would do. :D


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