Dressed in Hues

Here's the outcome of our Paco park shoot. And also some behind-the-scenes. Hope you guys like it as much as I do!:)

Styling: Aisa Ipac
Photography: Christine Lorico
Model: Jessica Yang
Makeup: Bambi dela Cruz
Casting: Yeoh Egwaras

And special thanks to Mich for being the ever supportive partner that she is :)

Jessica is such a pro! Not to mention nice, a cowgirl AND we're the same shoe size. My dream model. :) Too bad she lost by a few points in Stylebible's fashion poll last week! Christine on the other hand produces amazing photos. She specializes in natural light photography. Just look at the photos above--ain't they dreamy? :) Excited for my styling gig this coming Sunday. This time it's for none other than-- Fabmanila! :) 

Also, if you do have time (and if I'm interesting enough for you, lol) please check out my short Q&A at Anthea's blog Embracing Style

Thanks to those who left wonderful comments and asked questions. My heart's so happy! :) You all inspire me. 

Check out my feature HERE.

Also got my latest Chic Reward in the mail today. I was quite surprised with the size of the pendant. So tiny!!! It just measures half an inch or maybe less. I dunno. I was expecting it to be bigger. Oh well.

And here's what I'm wearing today at 4 am...

...and confused.

Rawr. Lol.

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  1. Great great shoot! I love that I can totally tell who they're styled by :D Lovely photography, too. The cool, natural light is perfect for the outfits. I especially love the outfit and shots featuring the red striped skirt.

  2. wow... the pictures from your styling gig turned out really wonderful!! :D great editing!

    Animated Confessions

  3. wow! as in wow! i love the styling so much. all the dresses are fabulous! and you're right. the photos are just so dreamy!!!

    (sorry for the enormous amount of exclamation points. i'm just really in awe. LOL)

  4. Wow!!!All are so fab! My favorites are the second pic, then the one where the model's hair is like blown by the wind,and the last shot--with the balloons!
    Good Work Aisa---=)

  5. major major wow! soo love the styling.. good job ms aisa ;)

  6. oh i super kaduper love how the photos came out aisa! you styled them very well i love it! very pretty models too, ganda ng mga hair. :)

  7. great photoshoot.. all the outfit is very your style which is great..!! :)


  8. What's the shoot for? great styling aisa! and your model is beautiful!!! :)


  9. wonderful shoot aisa! Great styling! Love your stuff :)

  10. The pictures are great (I love your styling) and the model is so pretty! Great job!

  11. Omgosh the pictures are fantastic! The model's so pretty and of course the styling is amazing. Kudos, dear. :D

  12. Love love love the shoot! You're so talented! Enjoyed doing that Q&A!

    Embracing Style

  13. oh wow, i love this shoot! you did such a great work, Aisa! you're pretty much living my dream. here's to more styling gigs for you!

    anyway, yes, let's claim our prizes together! would love to meet you in person. :)

    boat ride through the sky

  14. the styling and photography are ACE! another great job done babe. loveee the model too. she´s a natural.


  15. Great shoot! The girl is so beautiful and the color in every photo makes everything so gorgeous and fun! I just found your blog, it's really nice! :D

  16. Jessica Yang is flawless and stunning in those looks! Great styling ate Aise! and lovin' the pictures! :) Kudos to all!

    xx, Channie

  17. WOW Wonderful shoot...great photos!!!! love the colors and the outfits too!!!!

    It is really nice to receive something from the mail...

    Kisses love

  18. i love the photos and the outfits are gorgeous! :)


  19. Whose yellow dress is that? It's drop-dead gorgeous :D

    Also, I like the pics that look like they were taken paparazzi-like, a little bit out of focus, but the blur adds to the drama!

  20. I looove this post! great job pax! Those who know your style can really see it n how you dressed the model. :) *claps*

  21. oh my, everything is beautiful here! great job! :)


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