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I got in touch with 2 of the most established multiply stores, who've been in the online selling business for quite some time now.  Meet Carlainity and SEPA. :)

I've known Carlainity since my early online shopping addiction days. I've always drooled over their bags. And it's exciting now that they've also ventured into shoes! :) SEPA Accessories on the other hand has always mesmerized me with their gorgeous trinkets. Like Carlainity, they've also appeared in many promotional ads and magazines. It's stores like this that makes me proud to be Pinoy. :) Due to unwavering support from their loyal customers + many new ones, they've branched out and now showcase their items in their own stores! 

Get to know the people (Carlain and Dianne) behind these brands by reading my short Q&A below: 

Q: Whose idea and effort is Carlainity/SEPA? Who are the people behind the brand?

Carlainity:  It all started when I was working in a corporate set up. My fancy/love for bags inspired the creation of Carlainity. One day i thought of putting my designs in reality. I looked for subcons until i found the right one. I basically started it, but the name came from my friend way back in college. She was toying with my name until Carlainity popped. I didn't know that I'll be able to use it in the future!

Sepa:  SEPA is the brainchild of Maria Josefa Dianne Uy Espera. Dianne owns and manages SEPA. She is also the creative director of the brand.

Q: When and how did Carlainity/SEPA start?

Carlainity:  It started January 2007.
Sepa: SEPA started in 2005.

Q: Apart from creating beautiful pieces, what else do you do?

Carlainity: As of this year, i have a daughter turning 1 this Sept. =) So I am a bag lady/shoe lady/wife/mommy hehehe! I divide my time from sketching pieces to inspecting products to personally delivering them to stores; handling household chores as well as helping my husband with his business here in the province.

Sepa: Apart from designing jewelry, Dianne is busy preparing for her new line of evening bags which will soon be available at the Religioso boutique in Greenbelt 5. She also does make up on the side,only to her good friends.

Q: Describe the type of girl who would love to shop at your store?

Carlainity: She is an independent woman, has her own style, career-driven.

Sepa: SEPA boutique houses a variety of jewelry for the ladies and women. Those who shop at SEPA know that good taste in fashion doesn't have to be by the book and that she is always willing to try something new.

Q: Online selling has since then boomed and a lot of new stores are now popping up. What makes Carlainity/SEPA different from other brands?

Carlainity: Carlainity though not a big enterprise takes care of its people, values its staff. It is also proud of making limited piece.

Sepa: There are many great brands out there, but what sets us apart is the wide variety of jewelry that we carry. We can go from glam rock to boho chic. name it,we have it.

Q: What could your loyal customers and potential clients expect from you this year and the coming years?

Carlainity: This year would be more on footwear because I'm really loving it! Though we will have bits & pieces of bags...for the coming years, I would like to venture into clothing, yikes! Its so nice to dream and when we dream, we can dream big!

Sepa: Our clients can expect to see more unique styles coming out for the 2010 holiday season! We are always developing new products so get ready to splurge!

Thank you Carlain and Dianne for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer these. :) Know more more about them and where to find them by checking out their online stores (just click on the links)--Carlainity and SEPA online

To end this post, is an amazing giveaway brought to you by the stores I featured. Gorgeous items to be given away to 2 lucky winners! Unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to local readers. (sorry international readers will do another giveaway soon for you promise)

Carlainity faux snake skin bag (it's roomy!) + SEPA bag charm

2 necklaces from SEPA

To join, just follow these simple steps:
1.) Must be a follower of my blog through Google or Bloglovin.
2.) Follow or add Carlainity and SEPA in facebook or multiply. 
3.) Leave a comment below with your name and email address. 

That's it! You have until September 20, 2010 to send your entries. Go join now! :)


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