All Aboard: Pin-Up Edition

Without  any sleep and in full force zombie mode, I headed to a shoot this morning to style for photographer Darrel Pobre. The theme was Pin-Up/Nautical-ish. And here's the final product (the poster)! I love it. :) Will post the other edited photos soon.

Styling: Aisa Ipac (girl), Jear de McCuttac (boy)
Photos by: Darrel Pobre
Assisted by: Ronan Espadero
HMUA: Lawrence Bondoc
Models: Kate Bautista & Charles Sutcliffe
Casting: Yeoh Egwaras

It's for an openshoot they will be conducting this 25th and good news is you can all join!!! :) Registration fee is just P1000 and that already includes 2 high res photos (+ the raw photos if you require it), hair, make-up and styling. I will be there so hope you guys could come! You can visit their company's fanpage by clicking HERE.Or reserve a slot by sending them an email at: INFO@BLEACHNSTAIN.COM or text VIL at0917.570.7808.

And as usual here are some behind-the-scene photos...

Meeting de Avance


Trying on the clothes.


Ist look
Fix Fix.

Sweetest and cutest dog ever!

With model Kate and photog Dars and Ronan.

2nd look.

3rd look. (Pardon my face I have a pin on my mouth, haha)

Love this:)

Jear with his model

 Charles--one of Cosmo's bachelor chuva for this year.

4th look.

Sing with me! Ca-li-for-nia girls...(hihi!) My fave set.

And for some outfit shots:


shirt: topshop from Shopdeathbyplatforms, skirt from Shopdeath, cardigan-thrifted, necklace - Anagon

Oh and I received a message from the person or people (?) behind the awesome blog--Blue is in Fashion--about my inclusion in a feature. 

Thank you! You can view the feature HERE. :)

Again, Hope to see you on the 25th!

Now, one more styling gig and I'm done for the week. Yey!

P.S. Don't forget to join my GIVEAWAY and Chicisimo's fun game. :)


  1. aaahhhh amazing styling gig!!! the pictures turned out so good!! :D amazing job on that!! and congrats on the feature!

    Animated Confessions

  2. I love your model's mirror photo and this entire entry's behind the scenes look at a photo session

  3. looked like a great time. :D
    pin up can be so cool.

  4. whoa you did such an amazing job on the styling, it really turned out nice!!

    Also, I am half Filipina (half white) but I definitely identify more with my Filipino side! I need to come back and visit :D


  5. Meron ka na naman? Hahaha! Wow kainggit naman :) Weee happy for you! YOu're doing so well girl!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. You did such an amazing job styling the model dear, I would soo totally wear this look.


  7. cute necklace aisa!! where did you get it?

  8. wow, Aisa! you're on a roll w/ these styling gigs! good job. :) i'm extremely jealous!

    boat ride through the sky

  9. aw pax, its so great that you're doing what you truly love! ~i see your forever 21 anchor necklace! yup, very nautical indeed. ^_^

  10. Nautical is my weakness! I love the first photo, most especially! Where's the striped and long-sleeved top from? I want it so bad!

  11. Congratulations on the feature my love...

    oh my that is such a cool style!!!!


  12. so envy ur work ^^
    i wish to be a fashion stylist to
    thx for visiting my blog dear :)



  13. i love the girl's look! she's like from the 50's or something :) gorgeous. And i love how pin up she looks but with a little hint of modern :) great styling!

  14. I love the pin up look, everyone looks so fabulous. I didn't know you worked in the fashion industry, how cool!

  15. oooh i love the navy pin up style!!!

    great job!!


  16. ate ibang level na ang styling mo. ILAVET.

    this has really a katy perry feel to it. ;)

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  17. Pax, love the styling! Sayo lahat ng clothes?

    Love the denim shorts with the striped shirt? Where did you get the shorts?


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