Chicisimo Fashion Week game

As you all know, September is the big fashion week month. And 2 weeks ago, Maria of Chicisimo (a global community of girls where they can share their personal style and inspire others), contacted me to be a co-organizer for an exciting & fun game they are launching. The objective is to have everyone share looks of how they'd dress if they'll attend their country's Fashion Week. So exciting! Oh, and it already started.  You can now start posting your looks now! Games ends on September 30.

Here are the complete details and mechanics, also posted on Chicisimo's page...

If you could attend a Fashion Week, what would you wear?

That’s what this game is all about. Share the look you would wear to your country’s Fashion Week, and get ideas from other fashionistas like you. Please mention what designer catwalk you’d love to attend! (you can share several looks).

The Winner. The look with the highest number of votes will get a beautiful Flower Bouquet from Chicisimo, and will be highlighted throughout Chicisimo.

Participate! Go to your country’s Fashion Week page and upload your look from there. The look will be visible from both in this page and on your country’s Fashion Week page. This is an stylish and fun “competition” among countries all over the world. Will be your country the winner?

All the looks are visible in one page, so it's easy to look at them, and also looks will be visible separated by country. There's now a specific section prominently displayed on Chicisimo for this. 

You can go check it out! Or just click HERE

To my fellow countrymen (yeeees hehe) here's the link to our page: Chicisimo Philippine Fashion Week. You can upload as many photos as you want. You could also include the names of the fashion designers whose catwalk you’d like to see wearing this outfit. It’s a great way to discover other countries great fashion designers and promote our own.:) As you can see below, I already uploaded mine!

I hope all you Pinays (and Pinoys) could join! Let's show everyone how fasyon and chic and great sports we all are! :) Who knows? You might emerge victorious in the end. If you win, you'd get featured on Chicisimo and you'll receive a nice bouquet of flowers. How cool is that? :)

For my international readers, here are your organizers:
Co-organizers: Estefania-personal-shopper from Con dos tacones (Spain), Annachiara from I love my blog (Italy), Kirsty from FashionChampagne (UK), Talia from .maszerujac po moich rzesach (Poland), Stiene-saenen from voguesuit (Belgium), Lida from Fashionista Talk (Canada), Caroline from COSMICaroline (USA), Rosa Mexicano from Trendrebajas (Mexico), Kira from Kira fashion (Brazil), Beckyxoxo from Try to be Stylish (Indonesia), Paxie from Drowning Equilibriums (The Philippines), Sushi from Le blog de Sushi (Australia), Nadia from My Fashion Insider (Portugal), Frickys from FriChic (Bulgaria), fashionprincess1 from The only fashion princess (The Netherlands). 

That's it! Goodluck guys. 

If you are not a user yet, don't worry! 
Create your account, upload your look and email Maria at chicisimo dot com to be approved for sharing.


Thank you for visiting my humble blog! I read all your comments (even though I don't reply often). So keep them coming! Love to everyone:)