Boaters & Loots

Today, I did some serious furniture shopping. Yes. My being a shopaholic has now leveled up. I try to avoid the women's section in malls now, so I often wander at the Home section. And today I ended up buying a new closet, 2 shoe cabinets and a bed frame! WTH? Haha! Don't get me wrong, I really really need the closet. My apartment is in a disarray because of my clothes and shoes that are scattered all over. So I'm hoping my new buys will help put everything in order. I can now actually live in the apartment! I mostly spend my time in my family's house in Marikina because I have nowhere to put my clothes and shoes in the apartment. So I'm kinda excited. :) Will document the arrival of my new buys tomorrow. Hehe.

I also did a little shopping at SM Department Store. I love SM. I love that their items are all trendy and lovely. Bought some things I needed for my styling stint this Sunday and a new gig on Friday! AND AND AND they now have boater hats! Okay girls now is the time to run to the nearest SM and buy. Here are my loots:

I almost shrieked from utmost joy when I saw this organizer. Mich got kinda excited too. For the 1st time, she persuaded me to buy something. I guess to lessen the load she has to carry whenever she accompanies me in photoshoots. Now I can put all the accessories I need for styling stints in this life saving piece! It has a built in hanger (that you can hide) AND you can roll it so it only takes up a small space in your luggage or bag. I love it! This is really useful for me since I carry 1 bag for accessories alone with like 5 bags inside (separated belts, socks, head accs, necklaces and earrings) during shoots. For P500 it's totally worth it.

Cute bib necklaces (white and pink).

Cute weaved belts for P250 each.  (which I totally need for Sunday's shoot)

After shopping, Mich and I went to TOSH (the old spaghetti house for dinner). I forgot to bring my camera to take some pictures of our scrumptious meal. But here's what we ate:

Four Cheese Pizza (I just died and went to pizza heaven!)

My ultimate favorite--sundried pesto with grilled chicken!
photo courtesy of: http://tara-na.com

Suprisingly, I finished everything! And I seldom finish my food. It's that good. And here are photos of me wearing my new boater hat! Fits perfectly too. I can't do outfit shots in the apartment 'coz I mostly wear pambahay when going out. The mall is just a few steps away. Hehe.

Even Mich had to try them on! Lol.

I'm already thinking of using it for our Ilocos tour on October. Yey. And here, let me share with you guys a photo that was once displayed on my previous company's wall. Sorry for the drops of water. It fell on the sink. Lol.

Love to everyone!

P.S. To my fellow countrymen (wow lalim, in english: yes, so deep), 
don't forget to join Chicisimo's Fashion Week game! 

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  2. Hi Aisa! I love your answer to the last question! Haha XD

    - Roan

  3. awesomeness!! :D love that organizer!!! i need that for my room too.. i have to say that i can relate with having my closet in disarray! hahaha! :D

    looking so cute and chic in that hat! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. Ooh that organizer looks like a good idea. I think I'll buy one for my accessories too! I just throw all my shit in a paper bag and when it's time to use them, they get all tangled up.

  5. thanks so much for dropping by my blog. your a filipino blogger? so cool.
    i am now your new follower. :)

  6. they have boater hats at SM? must go soon! :)


  7. Waahhit's true SM has boater hats now, as in OM when I saw them I told myself I want to buy all colors. :)

    And I like your organizer! Are you selling shoe organizer?:)

  8. Love your new boater hat! It's different to all the others I've seen!

    Embracing Style

  9. Cuuuute ng pink and white na bib! How muchhh ulit?

  10. wow! they have boater hats already?? wow I must see that tomorrow!:) thanks for the tip, pax!:) mich looks so serious in her boater hat hehe :) *HI, MICH!*

    Good look with your styling stint! can't wait to see the outcome :)

  11. You look lovely in those hat....I love the organizers you have there...great finds hun!!!!


  12. i love the way u pair a vintage tshirt with ur summer hat! its cool, i love ur style! :D

    CLIFF from http://cropcripcrop.blogspot.com/

  13. i just bought the same hat, and changed it lang with black ribbon! :) <3

  14. I'm a total SM girl! I even have an SM advantage card to boot ;)

    Love the boater hat! Where is it from? :)


  15. how much were the boater hats?
    i hope it's less than P300 just like their other hats..in bkk, it's expensive and just like SM..so why buy there dba?

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. looooove the hat dear!!!

  17. great shots isabel 1
    im loving the black satin clutch there :)

    have a great TGIF :D
    glistersandblisters dot com

  18. Gaaahh!! Hahaha. I know the feeling of buying furniture and considering the course I'm taking buying furniture isn't the only thing. We enjoy looking through the flooring, accesories, tiles, paint and blah blah. hahaha. :D

    Love your finds! I love SM too, you find the cutest things for such affordable prices. :)

  19. ok, those woven belts are chep. Makes me want to runto SM and go buy some! :)


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