Stylista Diaries

I miss the show The Stylistas. I wonder why it never came back on air again. Anyway, here's some of the final photos from a shoot I did with FIP classmates last Sunday! Hope you like them as much as I do. :)

Miu Miu resort + fall collection inspired!

Model: Jennifer Hammond
Styling: Aisa Ipac
Make-up: Diane Lorenzana
Hair: Mycke Summers

Model: Glennys Mesa
Stylist: Aisa Ipac
Make-up: Anton Patdu

Dress: Ronaldo Arnaldo
Necklace: Anagon

Dress: Veejay Floresca

Clothes by: Nico Agustin
Styling: Aisa Ipac
HMUA: Louisse Dizon
Photos: Mike Yu

And here are some of my favorite photos from the bunch! Gowns by John Herrera.

Gowns by Ronaldo Arnaldo

Thanks Christine and Mike Yu for the fabulous photos! :)

I styled for another shoot earlier at Paco Park. I was asked by the very talented Tin to style for this shoot coz the theme was whimsical vintage and it's so me. Haha. I promised Mich I'd skip weekday styling gigs (coz I might die of exhaustion haha) but I really didn't want to miss this opportunity working with an exceptional photographer, a talented HMUA, and a supermodel! So, Mich agreed and I said yes. We did 5 layouts for under 2 hours. Tin works fast and Jessica Yang (she's one of the face of Culte Femme and appeared in numerous magazine spreads) is such a pro! Not to mention nice and we have the same shoe size! Nosebleed lang but still--she's my new favorite! Hee.

So here's some BTS! We weren't able to take a lot of photos coz I spent most of the time running around, thus the Loren Haggarda mode. I'm still waiting for the final layouts and I'm so excited to show them to you guys!:)

Mich channeling i dunno... Mary Poppins?

getting ready. latag mode.


shirt- Zara from shopdeathbbyplatforms, shorts-thrifted, boots-Rockport thrifted 

Our photog Tin and the bidang balloons! Love this shot.

Sneak peak.

in action, yeeees.



PA mode. Me holding the next set of clothes.

waiting for Jess.

Mich wasn't able to take more photos coz she had to guard our belongings and I had to run to and fro. Here's a post shoot photo though! :)

The cast. :)

And we were all wearing boots! We were worried it might rain but thank God it didn't. Thanks Christine, Bambi and Jess for the fun experience!

I also went home to find some good news sitting in my little tech heaven called yahoomail. It was from Jeff Siy. Apparently I was chosen as one of the winners for Robinsons Midtown Mall blog contest.Yipee yey! :) I hope it's a shopping spree at Topshop. A girl can dream right?. :P

P.S. Kookie I'll take you to an upcoming shoot! :)


  1. Yay! you're wearing na the shirt! it looks good on you. love how you styled it.

    so fun naman this photoshoot! i haven't been to Paco Park! Ano ba yan, Pinoy ba talaga ako??? Haha!

    Wait, where did the model changed clothes?

  2. beautiful styling in those photos!! :D great job!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. Gorgeous styling! I especially love the orange skirt and those wedges. Can't wait to see the final layouts on the Paco park shoot, I've never been there myself but there's always been talks by photographer friends that we should shoot there.

  4. wow another robinson contest! cool!:) i love the styling you did and paco park looks fun! haven't been there too like kookie=p

  5. Oh, Paco Park! I was going to ask the same as Kookie. Where in the world did the model change? Haha :)

    I love the latag mode pics. Grabe, we are the exact same way with out shoots. So unglamorous but very necessary!

    What a fun looking shoot, Aisa!

    Bea from A plus B


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