Friday Thrift

I was planning to go Greenhills yesterday but I ran out of Xend airway bills, so I had to wait for Kuya Jun (my main pick-up guy) and abort my shoe shopping mission (sorry Denise will buy your shoes tomorrow maybe!). I shipped out 6 packages! Whew.

Included in the shipment is the item for my Archive style challenge which I sent out to none other than-- Kookie! She has been my style icon since I first joined Chictopia and one of Archive's loyal customers. So I'm confident she'll breeze through this challenge with utmost ease. :)

And here's the item..

Can't wait to see her take on the zebra print top! :)

In other news... look at what I got in the mail today!

Ichigo sent  me a pair nice of shoes--which I'll debut soon. I already have an idea on how to style it. And they also sent a gift voucher and discount card for my next giveaway!  Charlene (owner of Ichigo) was also kind enough to send a discount card in my name. Yey!:)

Thank you Charlene of Ichigo!

And lastly, since I was again in shopping mode earlier I just went on a spontaneous thrifting excursion. And look at my newfound treasures/loves! 

I checked out this brand online--Jane Shilton--and her bags are expensive. A small purse like this costs P5K or roughly $100.

I again hoarded as many blazers as I can. Can't get over my addiction to them.

Baby Jane by Cacharel

 Nautical-ish blue blazer

Marks & Spencer Mint Green

Royal Blue blazer (been looking for this color!)

Nude blazer

Tsumori Shirahama nnude pink blazer

Salmon blazer

Miu Miu blazer

I think my love for blazers go way beyond my love for shoes. Or close enough. I can't ever get enough! I will however sell some of these on my online store--so watch out for it! :)

Here's a dress I decided to keep from my bazaar collection. It's just too pretty to let go. :)

dress- Archive, shoes - from sister, bag - versace purse

Cutest shoes.

Have a great weekend ladies (and gents). =)

P.S. It's not too late to join my big giveaway!!! Click HERE.


  1. hi sis! nice blazers! and what shoes did you buy from ichigo?:)

  2. @Denise - thanks sis! I'll debut the shoes soon--it's free!:)

  3. i'm loving your double breasted nude blazer!!!!!! i love your blog. followed you!

    check out mine wwww.poisepolish.blogspot.com

  4. I can relate on your love for blazers!=)

    Lovely finds!!!

  5. Wow!!! That's a good collection of blazers...

    Keep em posts coming.. =) I love it all!!! =)

  6. Aww I miss thrift-shopping! Awesome thrift finds you have! :) I love your dress & shoes by the way! :D

    <3 Camille

  7. Your outfits are so perfect! How do you keep looking so effortlessly chic? :) So many awesome blazers!

  8. that zebra print top is so kookie! if i may ask, how many blazers do you have?heee :D

  9. Those blazers are so adorbz! Are you by chance selling them at your store? 8->

  10. woohoo! i super love the blazers! hahaha. i think we share the same obsession with blazers but i love shoes more though. you must bring me thrift shopping sometimes. you guys are so good at it!

    i want the mint green & salmon blazer!

    ooooh shoes from ichigo! i love love ichigo!!!

  11. I sooo love blazers as well!! :) Lovely finds. :) And yes, keep that dress please :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  12. Ichigo is such a cute little shop. I like your neat toggle jacket. I used to collect so many blazers but I realized I could never pull them off so well. Your pretty nude blazers are making me jealous!

    B from A plus B

  13. I love those blazers! Great finds, Aisa :)

  14. my faves would have to be the mint, salmon and the nude blazers!!! aaaaahhh!! must hit a nearby thrift store!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  15. i am also addicted to blazers! i looove that zebra print top too!!

  16. somehow i've stumbled upon your blog. and i have to say, this is awesome! :)

    where do you thrift shop? I love your finds, especially that bag! :)

    And you're so lucky to get shoes and a card from Ichigo. I love their shoes! I recently bought one from then, and very much happy with my purchase. they have nice designs at reasonable prices :D

  17. pax!!!! i so want the mint green blazer! sell it nalang...to me!!!! hahahahaha! gosh, i am green with envy over your blazers!!!!

  18. Nice collection of blazers! The Miu Miu one is nice and love the outfit at the bottom of the post. The shoes are super cute. :)

  19. Nice collection of blazers! The Miu Miu one is nice and love the outfit at the bottom of the post. The shoes are super cute. :)

  20. Great finds once again Aisa!!! I want that Miu Miu blazer!!!

  21. Oh my gosh the blazers are so awesome! Love the royal blue and mint green the most. :D and goodie you kept that dress for yourself, too pretty indeed!

  22. wow! i love the blazers! :)

  23. holy hell that's a lot of blazers!!! can't wait to see you rock them! :)

  24. bongga ka! blazewr addict ka pala!! hehe

    nice loots!

  25. aisa! wah...I'm eyeing the salmon and/or nude blazer :P Hahaha! lovely items :)

  26. Can't wait to see your shoes! Great finds and love your outfit!

    Embracing Style

  27. SO MANY BLAZERS! I WANT ONE (hint hint: the mint green double-breasted one:p) Hahaha..

    Love how you styled the zebra printed top. Can't wait to see Kookie's take on it!



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