Shoparazzi Sunday

My urge to shop extended til the weekend. So I dragged Mich to Greenhills to finally buy the shoes I've been eyeing at Shoe Gallery.

Before my shopping chronicle, we passed by my Aunt's house first at Cubao. When we got there I was surprised to see the fam eating lunch together. Was also surprised to see my uncle again. Haven't seen him in a while coz he's been very busy attending to political matters as the governor of Abra. So of course, mahaba mahabang inuman! So I sneaked out (I hope they didn't notice) and left. Haha.

In Greenhills, my heart sank when the Shoe Gallery ate told me that they don't have size 7 anymore. Oh well, maybe it was never meant to be. And yes,I moved on quickly. And bought this instead...

... I know I know it's not the real thing, not real crocs, but it's so comfy and the color! So sunshiney. :)  I love. 

I also bought Mich a lot of shirts (I wanted to make-up for all the things she bought for me, hee). She went gaga choosing in this stall! And I agree, the shirts are sooo cute. She ended up buying 2 and I bought a cute camera necklace for me!

Love the pink camera shirt!

....and this..

...and this!

I went gaga over the accessories! All for P150.

 Bought these shirts at Shopesville...

Hendrix love!

I asked Mich to buy this so I can borrow!

Cute Beatles shirt but Mich chose the "The Cure" shirt instead.

Of course, I can't go home without buying anything! And who can't resist this pretty dress.

Sorry I was too lazy to remove my jeans and shoes. Haha! Bought this for P700. Cheaper than the one I saw at The Ramp (which was surprisingly the same brand). Also bought a cute romper for P200. I love the color and print!:)

And now, our Food Chronicles...(warning: mouthwatering)

Had to buy my favorite Choco Wacko and Butternut donut from Dunkin!

Before watching Inception--which was by the way a GREAT film--we first had dinner at Flapjacks.

Rings: Forever 21, Anagon, from greenhills

Bracelets: from Thailand and missdemeanor.multiply.com

All American Slammer! (yes I ate this much)

Fish fillet burger (which was huge)

Also went to Bread Talk at Gateway to buy my favorite Naan bread! It's perfect with the cheese w/ malunggay and pesto dip I bought at the Port 88 bazaar. I toasted it for 5 minutes before devouring it. Hehe. Oh, how I love eating.

What I wore....(Thank God for this deserted alley at Shopesville!)

shirt- vintage thrifted, jeggings, Tomato, shoes - greenhills, belt - YRYS

What happened? (in tagalog: Angyare???)

We also passed by my friend Maricar's house coz it was her daughter Carlene's 18th birthday. She gave me this as a souvenir...

Super cute!!!

Sadly that day--and I blame the overly airconditioned Greenhills theater--my Motorola V3 finally gave up and died on me. So I had to buy a new phone (actually a bday gift from Mich!)...

...so far I'm loving the new Nokia C3. I can chat, email and text all at the same time! My sister bought the pink one but it's too girly for me. And I always go for the classic looking ones. :) It still feels strange using a Nokia though (after 2 whole years of being a loyal Motorola user) just like befriending a total stranger. Hihi.

It was a pretty interesting weekend. Interesting coz I have a lot of new stuffs again and a very sad wallet. :c Oh the bliss and pain of shopping.  

How was your weekend?:)


  1. The C3 looks gorgeous, always wanted to get the one in Pink! I love your panther/cheetah animal ring :) Great finds!

  2. I love the C3 in hot pink. (:

    I love your bow ring. (:
    Looking gorgeous as always. (:

  3. is the dress from pink manila? totally looks like the one from H&M! lovesssssss eeeeeeeeet!

  4. @Zaya and Eunice - I usually buy black colored phones. Don't like the colored ones. hehe.

    @KD - the brand is Wisdom or something:)

  5. haven't been to Greenhills in a while! i've almost forgotten what an awesome shopping place it is. will drag my boyfriend there one of these days!

    boat ride through the sky

  6. I love what you bought! You're such an amazing thrift hunter hahaha!!! Bring me with you next time! :))

    Lovin the vintage top you wore too!

  7. I haven't been to Greenhills in ages. The last time I went, I spent a whole hour waiting for a cab. T_T I love how the C3 feels and I can't wait to get mine!

  8. wow, busy bee on a Sunday!!! at least you got to accomplish a lot of things!

  9. 'in tagalog: angyare!' OMG can´t stop laughing. i miss greenhills so bad. love everything you bought!

    and it´s always the same feeling after shopping. happy to have new stuff but sad to have an empty wallet. :)

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  10. aaahhh i miss greenhills so bad!!!! nice shopping finds.. :)

    Animated Confessions

  11. cute print tees and so many accessories! love ~

  12. @Gela - gow! drag na you bf dali! hehe:)

    @Ashley - when you visit the phil. I will bring you!:)

    @Lauren - I knooooow. I also spent an hour waiting for a cab there!Kaya I go home really late when I go there haha! And yey for your C3!:)

  13. Kookie - correct!=)

    Modejunkie- haha glad I made you laugh. I'm jologs like that. Hehe!

    Sybil - cmon go back here and let's shop at greenhills! hehe

    Angie - thanks love!


  15. aisa! is the chat/email free sa C3? :)

  16. yey for new clothes! i can't wait to give birth so i can buy new clothes again! hahaha. love the stripe maxi dress! you know how much i love maxi dresses at the moment! and the new mobile!!! eeeep! that's the phone i've been eyeing. i want the pink ver your sister got! i love pink!!!

  17. Haha I've been eyeing that striped dress for so long! I actually tried it on twice na, thinking each time that I'll buy it. But I've been a very good girl lately so I've hardly been spending on clothes. (;

  18. The yellow shade of the shoes is too cute! :)

  19. I'm getting tat phone in pink!

  20. omg!!! 150 lang? isampal naten yan sa f21 / chos. love them necklaces

  21. Ooh. Love Greenhills! I live 5 minutes away. You'll never go home without buying anything :)

    Awesome rings :)

  22. Thanks for sharing your shopping adventures with us! So cool! Felt like I just want shopping!

    Embracing Style

  23. Great loot! I love the striped maxi dress. Are those bows at the back of the dress? EVEN CUTER!!

    And God, I miss Dunkin Donuts. I don't understand WHY they don't have it in Canada. WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!



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