Bazaar Collection + Challenge

I've already posted online my bazaar leftovers. You might see something you fancy! :) View the album HERE.

Here's my favorite from the bunch:

And check out how Bestie did on Archive's styling challenge! Love how she styled the tie/tux dress! :)

Thank you Bestie! Next up for this challenge, Kookie B! :)


  1. I love your whole outfit! You are one stylish lass!

    Well done to Bestie on the challenge!

    Embracing Style

  2. Kainis ka! I've seen the album nakakainis kasi bagay sa yo lahat. Your body type fits almost all! Even any skirt length nga keri mo. Hehe. I remember not buying even really nice items kasi they don't fit them well = hindi mabebenta. Ang cute mo. Your always super stylish my dear :)


  3. @Anthea - thanks dear!:)

    @Melai - hinde totoo yan! I swear may mga items na mukha akong "gina" pag sinusuot ko. Hahaha! Thanks for the kind words. I love you Melai!:) mwah mwah see you soon!

  4. Amazing dress! Actually andami ko nga ring type dun sa bazaar collection mo (you know the items I was eyeing!) but I'm still on a shopping ban so I really had to control myself.:p

    Thanks again for choosing me for the challenge Aisa, it was super fun! Can't wait to see Kookie's. (:

  5. how cute is bestie!!! can't wait for the next challenge... kookie!!!

  6. @Bestie - and thank you for being so game. Mwah love love!:)

    @Lloyda - I'll wait for you after you give birth and when you're all settled I'll challenge you too!:)

  7. i love your challenges! seriously! hurray for blogger friends! its super cute!


  8. I am so amazed at how there are so many stylish girls on blogspot!! WOW! Hahaha keep it up. It's always interesting looking at your blog :)

    Her Soliloquies

  9. oooh cool! a challenge! that would be sooooo cool! yeah wait na after i give birth! coz it's so hard to dress around the baby bump maslalo na now that it's sooooo big na! :)

  10. @Lloyda - tama! I'd probably send you a blazer coz I know how much you love them!:) And yes, let's thrift together soon (after you give birth)!:)


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