Weekend Madness

So last Sunday was our "big" shoot (powerful casts + designer clothes). I was a little disappointed because I wasn't able to do what I wanted. Instead, we were stuck with the clothes designers lent us. You see, I LOVE local designers and of course their creations. But when it comes to portfolio shoots I prefer "lookbook" like themes and I like using my own things because that is where your creativity and talent really comes out. Usually whenever we use designer clothes, we could only do so much. I mean, the most we could do is add accessories. There were also a lot of major boo boos but luckily we were able to come out from all of it--alive.To be honest, I was really dismayed but at least I was able to shoot 2 looks I prepared.

So, here are some teasers and BTS. Final layouts coming very soon!:)

with Honey--the shoe empire heiress hehe!:)

 Pia and her fab hair:)

HMUAs (Bambi, Anton, Mycke, Louisse) in action.

 Power photogs--Mike Yu & Christine Lorico.

Me in action. Lol.

Glennys in my Miu Miu (resort '10) inspired peg!

Final touch-ups.

We wrapped up earlier as expected 'coz everyone had to leave early due to individual commitments. After the shoot we headed to Starbucks for some post shoot bonding.

FIP classmates.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say big thank yous to all the talented people who lent us their talents for this shoot. Thank you Christine Lorico for the wonderful photos. Especially to Mike Yu for being so nice and accommodating. Thank you for lending us your studio, your talent and the free food! Thanks to our talented HMUAs--Anton Patdu, Mycke Summers, Bambi de la Cruz, Louisse Dizon. And to our lovely (as in shalan) models Glenny, Jen, Angela, Rommel. Hope I could work with you guys again, soon!:)

Also in between, I snuck out and went to Rockwell bazaar to drop off Ally's (of Golddot) blazers. We also took a photo! She's really very pretty! :) Nice meeting you Ally!

 Love their shoes:) (loren haggarda mode again)

Went to my grandmother's house after. Attended a thanksgiving dinner for my cousin Chesca who just passed the nursing board exam. Congratulations cuz!:) We spent the whole night playing Killer-Healer, a very interactive card game. Lol. Fun times. :)

Here's some outfit shots! And also some photos from a very short shopping stint.

Bought an oversized striped cardigan from American Boulevard!

I actually like to put my hair up sometimes.

top-thrifted, shorts-thrifted, shoes-greenhills, belt-random

The next day, Monday, Mich and I decided to just go to the mall. Went to Megamall, ate a lot, walked a lot and shopped a little. I also wore my new oversized cardi. Hee.

cardigan-american blvd., shoes-cotton on, jeans-Anti-Fit

That's me at Megamall's shoes and bags sale at Megatrade Hall! On my way to the counter to pay for my new hot buy...

... i love it! Only bought it for P1300 ($30). Beat that! It has a built in combination lock and a free travel bag! Yey, I'm super excited to use it for an upcoming shoot! (yes, I bring luggage bags at photoshoots so I could carry around the clothes easily). Also bought rings from Forever 21 ('coz my other ring broke! tsk), red belt from F&H and a blouse form Mental. All on sale (except the rings)!

 Cute layered chiffon flowy top. :)

And how cool is their bag?

I am so happy with my new luggage bag that I immediately logged on to Cebu Pacific to check if there are any seat sale. There was! In China and HK. Umm, no thanks. Maybe next year. :) For now, Thailand-Cambodia or Japan will do. Let's go Mich! :)


  1. is that luggage hot pink? woot woot, i want! i also went there last sunday, gawd! sobrang crowded! :)

  2. ooohh great buys!! love the pink luggage!! :D so chic! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. love that cross ring!!!I hope that's one of the things the boyf got me the other day, teehee.=).

  4. Love forward to seeing the final layouts!

    I would love to shop where you shop. You always buy the most gorgeous things!

    Embracing Style

  5. edi cge.. book mo na ung cambodia. i want to take a picture of you running around there!

  6. you look good with your hair up aisa :) and cool buys!

  7. super love mental! i can't wait till i can go out so i can go shopping again! :)

  8. wow girl you have a very nice blog
    putting together great looks =)
    I love your combination of navy and yellow
    it works so well
    and your tattoo is super cute
    totally cool peace, faith, & love



  9. Aww, I know what you mean by styling with designer stuff, but so long as they have lots of other accessories and pieces to choose from, okay lang din. :) Also, I love that outfit and those rings! And I love your hair up! I wish my bangs would stay that straight, haha.

    Where's Mental? I keep hearing about it from other fashionistas I adore. I should pay Megamall a visit and see what the fuss is all about.


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