Total ECLIPSE of the heart.

SO, I skipped the Preview Ball to go on an Eclipse date. Hee. Actually, I skipped the ball 'coz my partner in crime, the one I was supposed to go with, got really really sick and I didn't really wanna go without her. It kinda sucks 'coz I really wanted to go (but not to the point that I'd die if I don't) 'coz it would be my first time and I was excited to see fellow bloggers and Chictopians. Oh well, maybe next time.

Here are some of the very few photos we took...

At Teriyaki Boy before the movie...

  Me-- admiring my new necklace. And I'm sorry for the mess on the table. :P

Mich--trying her best to cover her face but failed miserably.

You can run but you can never hide! 
So she just went for the goofy shots instead.

Say cheese!

About the movie: I did enjoy the movie especially the fight scenes. I think it's awesome. But I still think Bella is a hot mess and she still irritates me with her lip biting, her "come" face (sorry I had to use the word but its' true!), and her being a playgirl! How can she have 2 hot men fall all over for her? Choose already! Haha! And how hot is Jacob? Seriously! I found some scenes amusing and hilarious especially the "Does he own a shirt?" and "I'm hotter than you" scene. Hope the next installment is better than the rest. And please, more airtime for Dakota Fanning! And if you'll ask me what team I want to be on, I'll choose-- Team Carlisle! Papa Cullen FTW! :P Oh yeah, he's hotter than the kids.

In tagalog: "Tulo Laway" lol

And here's what I wore...

Shirt-thrifted, Tanktop-Hanes, jeans - AntiFit, Shoes-Ichigo, Necklace-Forever21

In other news, don't you just love freebies? I do.

So join, join , join!:)


  1. ang cute ng title! :D and ang kulit ng papa cullen hahaha!
    PS:i still owe you the pearl necklace sis sorry sa delay a haha! :D

  2. go team dakota!! she's awesome. if she weren't underage, i'd totally marry her.

  3. babe, you look incredibly sweet in this outfit!!! I love,love,love it!

  4. aww what a cute casual outfit for the movies! those lines from jacob were definitely cheesy but so entertaining! i agree...dakota fanning definitely needs more than like..3 lines! hopefully next time!

  5. ohmyGOSH! i was just listening to that song, and i scrolled down your page and see the title of your post! it was meant to be :) hahaha.

  6. hihihi maybe that's my spirit telling you to visit my blog!:) hehee mwah love.

  7. OMG, bento box <3 I'm feeling hungry now :p

    Hahaha, I'm not into Twilight and I just finished watching New Moon. I don't like Bella (so annoying!!) though she's naturally gorgeous. I was sure that I was team Jacob but after a second (close up) look at Papa Cullen, I think you're right! He's hot :p


  8. @Kristy - you're too funny!:)love how you said papa cullen too. hihihi!


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