New Loots: Forever21 Accessories

As you all know, last Friday July 2, Forever 21 already opened it's lovely doors to fashionistas here in the Philippines. So I placed myself under house arrest--one, coz I really need to save to pay my bills, and two, coz almost the whole mall is in sale, as in BIG sale. And I didn't want to subject myself under huge TORTURE of just going there and not grabbing anything from the shelves, which is and would be highly unlikely. So I just stayed at home.

I was expecting Mich to get home late 'coz I know traffic on Fridays always suck. She got home at around 9pm. So I greeted her and she just casually gave me a paperbag with my dresses from my friend Cecille. There's a yellow plastic on top which I thought are some more of my things given back by my girl bestfriend. Imagine my excitement when I realized it's actually the cross necklace I pointed out from a photo I saw on one lucky blogger's page who got a sneak peak inside Forever21. And double my excitement when I found out there are 2 more necklaces inside! 

I literally shrieked out of pure joy and literally jumped on her out of excitement. Haha. So funny. I can't imagine Mich lining up for 20 minutes and picking out necklaces in the midst of a thousand overly ecstatic shoppers. So not her. Hee. I wanna say a BIG BIG thanks to the 5 random stylish (according to her) shoppers, who helped her pick out my necklaces. They all chose different pieces, that's why I ended up with 3! Love you girls whoever you are!:)

Today, Monday, I checked out the store again with my classmates in FIP. This time I didn't leave the store empty handed. Can't believe I spent a thousand bucks just for accs! Well, it was worth it.

Love the anchor necklace! Been looking all over for this!

And the rings!!! Fabulous. I especially love the "LOVE" dual ring:)

Thank you Mr. Henry Sy for bringing F21 here! It's any shopper/fashionista's dream come true:)


  1. You seem to always have new loots :) I envy that :) Love your purchases. I also liked the connector and tiger ring :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. i loove the rings! especially the love one. :) youre awesome, I followed you!

  3. aaahh yes!! the accessories from f21 are absolutely amazing!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. @Melai- ooh so it's called a connector! hehe! thanks for the info. heehee. I'm on a shopping remission. I think. This is only minor. haha.

    @Me - thanks babe! will check out your blog:)

  5. oh they have connector rings now? they don't have them when they had their vip special day. looks like i need to go back to check f21 again. :)

  6. Omygosh we have the same anchor necklace! haha! and that cross necklace in your other post is quite similar to my cross one!

  7. @Lloyda - yes! I think I saw one in silver too! :) It's love!:)

    @Acha - you're right!:)


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