Food + Shiny New Things

I went to Greenhills the other day to pick up the bags I'll be using for our weekend bazaar. I also went around while trying hard to suppress the temptation of buying things I fancy--and there's a lot! I did go home with something though. My brand new yellow wedge! I love it.

Pardon my ugly feet. Hehe.

I also went around looking for boater hats. Found some stores that sell hats and some boaters but they only came in brown and they're big on my head (oh why head???). Sad. 

But of course, food tramped my sadness especially when I found out there's Omakase (a Japanese resto) in Greenhills! We always fail to eat at Omakase Eastwood , there's always a long line outside. So here are some of the photos I took. I tried to take some outfit shots but I was too tired (with barely 3 hours of sleep) to actually pose hence the not so decent photos. Lol.

Omakase waiting area (I love their waiting area!). Their waiting area in Eastwood sucks.

Wearing: newly thrifted white shirt, Zara shorts, Millies flats, Longchamp bag, Accessorize accessories

And then we were told our table upstairs is ready! So up we went.

No the waiter is not mad. Nagpapaliwanag lang (just explaining). Mich has this habit of testing waiters if they know their menu by heart. She asks them questions like what's their bestsellers, difference between whatevers, blah blah.And Kuya here passed the challenge. Har.

 I tried to sleep while waiting for the food. I was so groggy.

But I can't sleep so I decided to show off  and take photos of my earrings. 
Thanks Kat of Chickflick!

Accessorize Lucky necklace worn as bracelet.

Finally, our food! Warning: highly mouthwatering.

Jurassic Maki

Kani and Potato salad

Ebi Fry.

Me trying an outfit shot again..

Yes arte. lol.

The thing I hate about Greenhills is the scarcity of cabs. We had to wait in line for an hour, got pissed, left, and within 5 minutes of walking in another area we finally saw an empty one! We should have left the line earlier. Ugh. As soon as we're inside, I passed out of exhaustion and I was in lala dreamland.

Totally unrelated, but I wanna show you some of my new things...

Bracelet - gift from Lee of Candypopshop, Shoe Clip - from Xreations

Decided to try the shoe clips on my Cotton On flats...

 Before. Plain and boring.

After. So charming!
(This comes in other colors too!)

Got my bow ring from Ana of Anagon accessories, They're lovely and it fits me perfectly!

And found this Tsumori Chisato top from a thrift shop!!! *swoons*

And look!

... a notice from the post office. My hats are finally here! Yipee! =)

P.S. Don't forget to join my grand giveaway! Click on the Big Blog Blowout image at the upper right sidebar. AND, hope to see you guys at the Port 88 bazaar this weekend!!! =) Lloyda of Giordano, Ana of Anagon, Kryz of What a Girl Wants, Camille of Coexist are all gonna be there. I will go drop by their booths to say hi. Do so too!:)

Ana, I'll hole up (a.k.a tambay) in your booth ha. Let's take millions of photos. Haha.


  1. cute wedges! do they have other designs? and colors? where in GH?

    btw aisa, you didn't reply na to my message in facebook about the skirt :)

  2. Glad you liked the bracelet! I wanted to send you a peace necklace kaso naubusan na hehe. :D

    Chic outfit! And I love your shoes, I've been looking for t-strap flats pero wala akong makita na gusto ko.

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  3. Beautiful beautiful photos here!

    I love the yellow wedges. They're soooooo perfect. You always look fabulous!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  4. craved for japanese food again! yum! love this post!


  5. craved for japanese food again! yum! love this post!


  6. I love Omakase!!! It's near my place :) I also love your purchases. Great post, as usual xx

  7. lovely wedges! the shoe clips are adorable :)

  8. loove ur lucky bracelet!!!

  9. Pax! I love those t strap shoes! where could I buy those?

    PS: goodluck in your bazaar! :)

    Today with A

  10. oohhh it's so cool how bloggers can meet up in these bazaars!!! aahhh i wish i lived there or i can be there for the event to meet up with everyone! :D

    anyway, i love your white crisp shirt.. very chic! :D and those new wedges are so perfect for summer!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  11. 1. Love your outfit, especially the T-straps!

    2. Now I want sushi!

    3. Now I want a new pair of shoes


    Embracing Style

  12. wow! i should have stopped at the warning and skipped the food porn because it is seriously making me hungry!hehehe.

    i wish i can go to the bazaar...i was sent an invite...and i was like, "i wish, i'm here in Cebu..."hehe.

    as always, love your outfit..so simple yet so chic!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  13. i love that pic of you with the pink cherry blossom mosaic. :) <3

  14. so creative on the shoes!
    i love your wedges,pax!

  15. @Jill - sorry sis i'll message you later ha. Mwah!

    @Lee - it's okay sis pag meron na let me know!:) thanks again ha:) btw, the flats are thrifted! But they look new!:)

    @Zabrinah, JL, Tin, Kim, KD, Anthea, perpetrator (what's ur name ba sis? hehe) - thank you!:)

    @Aiza - thanks chong! flats are thrifted!:)

    @Sybil - when you go here let us know let's meet up ha!:)

    @Gizelle - awww visit Manila naman!:)

    @Jing - thanks girl! You can buy the shoe clips from Xreations. multiply.com!:)

  16. love your new shoes! and the food looks so good! :)

  17. another great outfit you had on, Aisa.. can't believe that your white top is thrifted!! (weeeeeeeee!!!) im apprehensive to buy something white in thrift shops you know.. and I think we had the same glasses.. :)) hehehe.. i got mine from Isis, a boutique here in Ayala Cebu



  18. Omakase!!!! love love!

    see you at the bazaar!!!

  19. @Val & Mario - thank you thank you!=)

    @Lloyda - see you!!!:)

  20. Oooh I adore your shirt. It's perfect!! And the food makes me drool........... (:



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