Fab Bag & Some of Me

I ran a lot of errands today. I had Archive's tarpaulin made at the last minute. I also tried to pick up my package (which I thought are my hats) from the post office. Turns out I wasn't reading. Haha. It was clearly stated in the notice that the package should be claimed at the EMS office at Pasay airport. WTH?! And I'm pretty sure that what's sitting there is my Scarpasa shoes from Chictopia Rewards. It might be taxable that's why it's there. (Sybil, I think they don't declare it  as a gift? Weird!). I've never been taxed for purchases or packages before. Oh well. If taxes amounts to P2K I swear I will just have it returned. Lol. Then I'd just buy my money the pair of wedges I 've been eyeing on from Virtual Mae. Ugh, airport's so far. Such a hassle.

Anyway, I also had my Archive tags printed AND I finally bought the blazer I want from some thrift shop. I've been waiting for it to go on sale, then I totally forgot about it, but 2 weeks later it's still there! It was really meant for me. Hee. With that I was also able to buy a MiuMiu and Cacharel blazers. Will show them to you soon! =)

I also got a letter from UNICEF Philippines which made me smile. 

They gave me 30 address labels as a token. :) I love it.

I have joined the ranks of UNICEF's Champion for Children! I'm so happy that in my own little way I am able to help them implement life saving programs and rescue children and help them recover. My heart's so happy. =) You can help too by clicking on the UNICEF image link at my right sidebar.

And here's some outfit shot:
(and pardon my obviously extended cabinet--I suck at photoshop, I promise to take lessons haha)

Wearing: envelope bag - Fab Manila,  bracelet - Candypopshop, romper - Ebay, topper - thrifted

Closer shot.

I'm so in love with this Fab Manila hannah oversized clutch bag! I love the color and it's spacious. All my things fit! And it goes well with anything. Surprisingly it is not that pricey. Buy this at Fab Manila for just P595. They also ship international. So Go, go!:)

Now excuse me as I go and fix my items for the bazaar. I still have a lot of preparation to do. Hope you're all having a great rainy day. :) Ciao bellas.

P.S. For those who were asking about the Pampanga tour, you can contact Advocate Tours at 0917-5011884 or 0917-5530320. =)


  1. Another awesome outfit! It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the oversized clutch.

    Embracing Style

  2. thanks Anthea!=) I enjoy reading your posts about South Africa! I want to go there someday:)

  3. Agree, the envelope bag is lovely. Love the color too! :)

  4. I love that huge bag and your outfit matching your hair band so cute :D !

  5. this look is gorgeous. Love it.xx


  6. that clutch is huge! don't think I could pull it off as well as you do because it'd be bigger than me haha. thanks for your comment on my blog. i just left you a little something on chictopia :) you look very chic!

  7. You look gorgeous! the bag is amazing, you make me want to own an envelope bag :)
    Are these all yours? GORGEOUS, I love the way you display your rings!

    xo Lynzy

    Enter my current giveaway, a gift certificate to Fire Gypsy Vintage :)

  8. loving the whole look dear! i don't know how you manage the whole day with a clutch! well done! haha


  9. Darling girl, I love that cream topper! It's gorgeous! You're so lucky to stumble upon that piece <3 Good luck with your booth!

  10. My goodness! I didn't know you blog. Awesome! I know you from chictopia. Glad to have found your blogger!

    Have a great day!

    Fabiola "Fab"
    vestedbee on Chictopia

  11. loving your whole outfit! and the envelope bag! i love how it's huge!

  12. i love your look.. sophisticated but still fun!! :D thanks for the heads up on fab manila and their international shipping..

    oh and btw, re: scarpasa. i think they do declare it as a gift.. but the also declare the real value of the shoes which is normally above $100, so they get taxed.. that's the case here in canada anyways,..

    Animated Confessions

  13. your outfit looks great! just stumbled upon your site & {hi from california}

  14. hey you,
    this is probably one of my favourites from you so far :) hehe!

  15. i love everything here!!! especially your romper clutch! thank you for following my blog. really apreciate it. i've followed you back :)

  16. I JUST SAW! I am seriously so excited, haha! Thanks so much for following, it seriously means so so much to me. And I love the clutch and romper in this post, the color of the bag is perfect!

    Truly yours,

  17. you look awesome! love the bag and jumpsuit! :)


  18. Love the envelope clutch and your topper. :3 I've never actually thrifted--I mean, I've been with friends but they always manage to get the good stuff from me (when I'm holding something up, they go: "HEY CAN I TRY THAT ON?).

    And hurp durp about the customs--I had F21 shipped last year (when it wasn't open here yet) and they charged me an extra 5k for the entire package. O_o

  19. So gorge pax! love the oufit soooo you! goodluck in your bazaar! :)

  20. babycakes, congratulations on being included as well! wow. you are looking so amazing. loving the romper, gorgeous! thanks for visitng

    much love always:)


  21. Awesome clutch and shoes! :)

  22. i saw this look earlier in your chictopia !
    i really love that oversize clutch of yours too !!
    really pretty !

    have an awesome TGIF !

  23. so cool you're giving back!
    i love that giant headband
    and how it matches your romper

    that clutch is so huge and so cute!


  24. super chic look! and so cool that you're doing the unicef!

  25. I love everything about your look! Those shoes and the envelope bag are really gorgeous! :)

    <3 Camille

  26. great job working to help UNICEF =] <3

    && im a suckaa for bold graphic print, that romper is amazing !


  27. such a chic outfit! love those rompers...and the oversized clutch! i might get myself some and check out fab manila...

    ps. where did you get your shoes?

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  28. Thanks girls! Your notes make me smile:)

    @Gizelle - got the shoes on sale at PRP!:)

  29. You have such an amazing style. I love the printed romper so cute.


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