Featured and # 2

Just got an email from Laura of shopittome.com saying my blog is now featured on their fabulous site! :) It's also featured on their blog. Thanks Laura! 

ShopItToMe is perfect for those who always ALWAYS misses out on big sale events (like me)! Just sign up and you'll receive great sale memos on your favorite brands and designers. Just like having a personal shopper! :) And the prices are discounted by as much as 70%. Wowsa!:) You can sign up HERE 

And for my Day 2 post for the 30 day challenge...

Legend of my blogger name. This actually confused me a little. Does that mean I have to share the history of my name? or my blog's name? ANYWAY.

Okay my blog title DROWNING EQUILIBRIUMS came from--um, my past. A stage in my life when I was soooo emo over a lot of things. It means drowning balance literally. Figuratively, it meant--I dunno anymore I was in HS when I first came up with this. A point in my life when I was so poetic and dramatic. Now, I'm just plain happy. Heee! So there. My blogger name Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie are all my nicknames! :)

In other news, if you're bored and got nothing to do (which is highly unlikely but I'll take my chance anyway) please do check out my sister (whom I bear no resemblance with) at Stylebible!:) She was featured under the Bridal make-up article (click on the link!). Gela Laurel and Mia Carballo of The House of Laurel did a great job and they even made her wear a Rajo dress just for fun! Too bad I wasn't able to come with her that day, so there were no behind the scene photos. But here's how her transformation came.


And with the fairy godsisters' magic...Tada!

Byutiful. And I kept teasing her re: fake smile. Haha.

Anyway, I went on a thrifting excursion today to buy stocks for the bazaar and I found a lot of AMAZING pieces! Will let you take peek see very soon!:) Also won the Tsumori Chisato dress I've been religiously eyein on in Ebay!

Now, virtual hugs to everyone!


  1. Thanks Sybil! You could also apply! I'm sure they'd be thrilled to include you in their list!

  2. dont we all have that emo phase in life? ;) heehee! ang deep nga ng "drowning equilibriums" sis :D loveit! :)
    and congrats for that well-deserved feature! :) stay stylish!

  3. congrats on the feature babe! u so deserve it!

  4. hi ms. aisa!:) i got the pen from Power books :) thank you for visiting my blog!:) i love yours! and congrats on the awesome feature!


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