First things first

So now I'm starting with #1 of the 30-day challenge. These are my recent photos (taken just an hour ago).

Cardigan - fashionstop, Shorts - thrifted, Top - Forever 21, Bag-thrifted, Shoes-vietnam

Got this bag from a flea market at my mom's province. It says LV. I wonder if it's genuine.

My car midnight as my background. Hee.

Love my anchor necklace from F21 :)

And here are the 15 interesting (or not so interesting) facts about moi...

1) I'm a member of UST Mountaineering club (conquered 7 peaks! Tried climbing one only wearing my ever durable Dupe flipflops--and I won't ever do that again)

This is the dreaded flipflops only climb. @Mt.Pundaquit, Zambales

 With my UST kada/friends :)
2) I love eating but I easily get bored with food
 3) I enjoy thrifting more than regular mall shopping
4) I work at home for an SEO firm based in New York
5) I still ride jeepneys in full outfit.
6) I LOATHE greedy taxidrivers.
7) I was in the cheering squad in HS. We even joined competitions. We were serious like that. Think Bring It On. That's how serious. And after 10 years, I still fit in my uniforms!
8) Had my 1st tattoo last April and I want one more.


9) I have an old beat up car named Midnight--but i can't drive and i dont have a license.

 Taken last year on my bday. With Midnight and my sister's bf Miles.

10) Im addicted to travelling more than shopping. It makes me happy. My ultimate goal is to go on a backpacking trip to Europe.

 Macau with my brother and sister

Lantau, HK (Nov '09)

Oceanpark, HK (Feb '09)

Thailand (June '09)

11) I don't eat tinapa but i do love tuyo.
12) I cant drink big sized meds, it chokes me and my mouth panics.
13) Booksale is my happy place next to thriftshops.
 14) I hate my hair
15) I absolutely hate being skinny.

So that's it for now! Hope I got you engaged even for just a few minutes. Hehe. :)

Archive Clothing will be participating in the upcoming lifestyle bazaar--Port 88! :) This will be held on July 31- August 1 at the Megatent, Ortigas Center Pasig City. This will be my first bazaar so I hope you could drop by our booth (E15). Expect to find vintage clothes, bags or even shoes (I'm not sure of this though). Hope to meet you guys there! Will post a sneak peak of the items I'd sell soon. :)

Drop by (and buy) at Lloyda's booth (Giordano) too! See you there chicas! :)


  1. gosh, i wish i can travel places like you do!!! aaahh!! :D

    and i wish i was there to attend the bazaar!!! :) goodluck!

    Animated Confessions

  2. i love your green cardigan. it's so cute!

    and i feel for you about choking on medicine. i used to choke on a minute Bonamine tablet. LOL

    and i'd give up anything to have my skinny legs again. hehe

  3. i love this 30 days thing! i think i'll definitely give it a try soon. haha :)

  4. i used to choke on a minute Bonamine tablet when I was little. LOL

    love that green cardigan on you.:)

    and oh, i'd give up anything to have my skinny legs back again. tehehe


  5. Great interesting post Paxie :D I love your belt and shorts! It's so cool that you climb!

  6. babe. you look absolutely chic and ready for a day in the city. gorgeous!! so envious of your travels ha. wish i had some time to get into some travelling myself :(


  7. love the green cardigan and the hippie vibe from the outfit :) and I didn't know you had a tattoo! A cool one, too! What kind of tattoo are you looking to get next? :)


  8. Thanks Kristy!:) I'm thinking of getting a heart tattoo on my right wrist!:)

  9. pareho tayo sa part na "i absolutely hate being skinny"


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