Bazaar Weekend

I'm so glad it's now over. Now I can just lounge around the house and relax. I ran around for 2 weeks preparing for our 1st bazaar event and I'm thankful that it was a success. :) It was super fun too! Here's my crappy documentation of the event. Haha.

Friday - went to Megatent for the ingress...

...with just one garment rack on hand. Mich kept teasing me and making funny "Loser" hand gestures. Thanks to our neighbor (on our left) for the ready wall. Lol.

Wearing: thrifted shorts and cardigan, Tsumori Chisato thrifted top, shoes from Vietnam

Getting our ID's from Rachel. Funny faces.

With my 2 boothmates and ex-FIP classmates--Rech and Lia.

Lia nd Rech had to leave coz Lia's sister had a health issue. So I was left to man our space..

...yey, I now have 2 garment racks! And Mich still kept on making those not anymore funny "Loser" hand gestures. I was sweating like crazy coz there was no airconditioning that time. So while waiting for our other things and while trying hard not to sweat even more I just sat down and goofed around.

                                                                          rings: Forever 21 & Anagon

Yey, my very first tarpaulin!Haha.

After an hour Rech and Lia came back and our other "equipments" arrived too. And Mich stopped doing the annoying hand gestures. Haha.

 Saturday - Barely had 3 hours of sleep. But here's how our booth looked like when Megatent finally opened to shoppers!

Me with a customer. Naks!

I love how it turned out! Looks so cozy and a little vintagey. Thanks to Rech and Rocky for the furnitures and other decorations and Lia for being the superwoman who made our fitting room and for letting us borrow this metal tent.

At 10:15 am we already had  our first sale. :) Thank you to Mabbiey--the pretty lady (and her nice bf) of Dec food stall!:)

With my muse (Ms. Mannequin)

My sister. Thanks for the help 'te!:)

And an outfit shot in between... (with Manang guard looking and smiling)
Top-thirfted, Shorts-thrifted, Tights - from ebay, Shoes- Soule

I had to leave for a few hours to attend my friend's daughter's christening. Friends come first before profit! =)

 Proud parents - James and Kathy Go-Tan

Little angel.

I got back at around 2 pm. As time passed I was able to take some photos and chat with other bloggers and Chictopians! Thanks to those who swung by our booth!:) 

P.S. Sorry if my face looks stiff in most photos. I really have a problem smiling or posing in front of the camera.

Fellow Chictopian - the lovely Aileen.

I had fun bonding with and talking to you Ana! Let's go out next time! :)

Bestie's more gorgeous in person! Love your outfit B!

Aira of Cintura was so nice and lovely too. :)

  Kookie is gorgeous and super nice too! :)

It was such a tiring day that I slept without changing my clothes or removing my make-up. Lol.
Sunday - I had more sleep this time. More sleep, more energy. There were not much people from 10-1 pm so we passed time by playing with my camera. Hee.

With Ate Neth (my sister's friend) who owns the Nike booth.

The girls making chika inside our booth.

Posing with Ms. Mannequin.

The Nike girls and boys in action.

Our booth in action. Hehe.

Also saw familiar faces! And took photos with them of course. Thanks to my sister and Mich who graciously took the role as my photographer. :)

Ex officemate Tin!

With soon to be hot momma Lloyda and again Ana! :)

I then changed my outfit coz it was so hard to sit on the floor wearing a dress. Lol. Bought my shorts from my boothmates. Haha. The clothes I bought are mostly from them. We mostly spent our time trying on each other's merchandise and swapping. Haha! Fun.

With my friend and ex-Robinsons officemate Kaky! She now works for Paperdolls.:)

I super love Melai!!! And the bf too:) So nice meeting you! Let's meet again sometime.

Some pics from Melai's blog:

With Kryz of Wagw.

I also saw Camille Co of Coexist but wasn't able to take a photo with her coz she was busy man-ing her booth. Rocky G. also came to man our booth with my friend Rech. Thanks for treating us to free milk teas from Tea-ology (which I love)!

Feeling paparazzi shot.

As tall as our tent. Lol.

And some pre-bazaar outfit shot for Chictopia!

Again, thanks to everyone who came! And hope to see you guys again soon. :)

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  1. I saw Denise's link on your blog so I decided to drop by and my goodness. I think I love you! :D hahaha. Your sense of style is sort of me! :)) Hahaha. I love how casual you are yet so glam. :) Adore the pictures you took for your Chictopia. :) Gorgeous dress and the blazer! :D

    Oh by the way, is your hair really like that? I envy you. :) Hehehe.

  2. I love you pax!!! I had a great time chika-ing with you haha! :D Benta kasi pag dead time na-sasad face ako haha! :D Hope we can hangout soon, or see you in future bazaarsss! :) Yey! :) <3

  3. Wow! Sounds like a busy weekend indeed. :D Wish I could have gone to the bazaar, but I need to start saving money. :( Love your pre-bazaar outfit too!

  4. @Velire - heehee thank you!=) My hair is not natural, it's permed!:)

  5. @Ana- I love you Ana!!! hahaaha!:) I super had fun with you. You're so nice and sweet:) Tara tambay na! Saan? haha kaladkarin lng. And sana may next bazaar pa nga (ako)!:) Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  6. @Lauren- it was fun seeing other bloggers!:) Hope you passed by also kahit no shopping (but of course I understand that would be hard, hehe). Hope to see you next time!:)

  7. Aisa! This looks great! :) I wish I could've dropped by. Your booth looks fantastic, it would've been great to meet you :) On the next event, yes? I'll be waiting for your online uploads! ;)

    P.S. Would you know the person who mans the Nike booth, I think? Does the sign on your photo say "Ateneo Jackets"? LOL been wanting to score one!

  8. @Zaya - wish you could've dropped by too!:) would have been fun talking to you and taking photos, hehe. Next time!:)

    P.S. yes! I do know the owner of the booth. email me at isabelipac[at]yahoo[dot]com nalang sis. Let's exchange numbers:)

  9. Aisa! I posted our photos too!! Aaaw gosh I love yah too!!! :)

    melai of style and soul

  10. congrats on your first ever bazaar! sana madaming kita :P

  11. @Melai - grabbed our pics ha! See you soon!=)

    @KD - thanks thanks and d mashado madaming kita but madaming smiles and laughters! Oha:)

  12. Loooove all the pics! Too bad I didn't see any of these beauties there, though. Melai's so cute (:

  13. @Bestie - kookie came late! hehe she was there mga around 8pm I think. Ana had a booth too!:) Lloyda and Melai came Sunday. And yes, Melai's so cute and super nice:) Too bad we weren't able to make chika. Next time I hope!:)

  14. what a week for you..:D seems that you enjoyed it much! :D wish i could've dropped by the bazaar though..:( had other family plans e, i envy you meeting chictopians and bloggers..:) I would've been shy to approach all of you there..:P i'll just probably look, too shy.. :(

    by the way, i love all your outfits! :D

  15. gorgeous!! i love your outfits!! especially sunday and friday :)

  16. looks like a totally fun event!! successful and just a great way of meeting people!! it's so nice to see other bloggers!! :D cool!

    Animated Confessions

  17. Love it! I'll follow you from now on. Hope you'll follow me too.



  18. Looks like you did a great job. I am loving each outfit that you wore :)

    xo Lynzy
    Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  19. Looks like you did a great job. I am loving each outfit that you wore :)

    xo Lynzy
    Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  20. sucks that i wasn't able to pass by the bazaar!!! really wanted lots of your stuff!!!! congrats on it being a success!!!

  21. so many cute outfits! i especially love the last one with the blazer and ruffly skirt :D those tights are also awesome!

  22. glad to hear it was a success babe! wish i could've dropped by but i had supersale! missed out on ur booth!



  23. @JL - it would have been nice to see and take a photo with you! Did you drop by the bazaar? Parang someone told me you were there. Anyway, hope to see you next time!:)

  24. it was so nice meeting you, Pax! you're so kalog! i felt at ease kaagad talking to you. love the Sunday outfit by the way.


  25. @Kookie - you're so nice and I think you're kalog too but I overpowered you. Haha!!! :) Hope we could meet again soon:)

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  27. I'm super happy you had fun. I missed the whole thing because of midterms :(

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm following you now <3

    sPam of http://pamlouiesechua.blogspot.com

  28. And btw, did I tell you I LOVE your shorts? Ukay ftw! :D

  29. Looks like a lot of fun! And your outfits are great!

  30. You`re always stylish you know this:) Love all your outfits and interesting blog!

    follow me www.elekonchicboutique.com

  31. you look GORGEOUS babe! love your plaid shirt. i wish i could have been to your stall and raid your stuff. from the looks of the racks, you have a nice selection!

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  32. Ang ganda ko lang!!! Salamat!! HAHAHAH

  33. @Modejunkie - hey nice to see you hear gorgeous!!! thank you:) and soon I'll be shipping to germany haha!

    @Rachel - sus teh ganda ka kaya!


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