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With the recent giveaway brewing and with an overwhelming support of different online stores, I was inspired to make my own project. Thought it would be fun to challenge some very stylish and unique ladies and men of the blogging world. So up until August 30 I will be sending selected Filipino bloggers an item from Archive Clothing. The challenge? They should just style it whichever way they like and show it to us all. :)

And it's a no brainer that the first person I chose is Bestie of thecapriciousclub

  Bestie--borrow your photo ha!:)
I've been following Bestie since forever. I love her sense of fashion and she has this signature style that sets her apart from everyone else. It was also a plus that she loves thrifting as much as I do! I was supposed to send her a sailor top (coz it is sooo her) but unfortunately a mysterious stain appeared (from the blue ribbon, so sad) so I had to change it at the last minute. I sent her this instead:

And yes, I'm wearing shorts. =P

I think she's gonna nail this challenge like she does the others! :) Thank you B! Can't wait to see your post.

I also would like to thank Lauren Dado of iambourgeois for including me in her article: Seven Stylish Filipina Bloggers for Philippine Online Chronicles. It's truly an honor to be featured side by side with other awesome Pinay bloggers. I am humbled. And yes friends, I'm still the old jologs me. =P

Giveaway: I am reading all your entries and I am so happy with the response and all the effort (!) that everyone is putting into this. I just don't want to comment on the official contest page, but I want to say thank you to all of you! Keep those entries coming! :)


  1. aaahh if i only lived there, i could have purchased some of your pieces too!!! im looking forward to the filipino bloggers you choose!! yay! represent! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. ahh she is so stylish, I am looking forward to seeing this! I have just started my own blog, I don't really know what I'm doing and I have no followers haha! so if you could take a look it would be great! cityofbugs.blogspot.com

  3. @Sybil - I would have included you!=)

  4. This sounds like such a fun project! I hope I can have one on my blog someday!

  5. Nice one Pax! this would be exciting! Bestie is awesome just like you! :)

  6. I already have some ideas how to style it -- can't wait to show you! (: thanks for the sweet words, btw. <3

  7. interesting challenge Aisa!

    I've landed in your blog because of the POC article. I'm so proud for you all (my gbf Eden is included as well). REPRSENT FILIPINA STYLISTAS!!!

    I've now followed your blog AND including you n my blogroll ;)


  8. ooh, this is one exciting blog project indeed!!!! can't wait for the other featured bloggers. :)

  9. Cool project! Bestie is so adventurous in her stlye. :) I love it when bloggers do projects together. Such a sense of community. Haha! Cheesy!

    B from A plus B

  10. This is such an interesting project! I'd love to see the all the entries! Can't wait!

  11. Omg, I love your outfit!!! :)

  12. Thanks girls and boy:) Kookie, you're next:)


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