Food Trip: Pampanga!

Last Saturday, Mich and I joined a food tour in Pampanga. And here's what happened in photos...

Our meeting place was at Mcdonald's Quezon Avenue and we were there an hour early. We were so sleepy and bored so we started cam whoring just to pass time. I think I've memorized all the settings in my camera. I love Pinhole the most!

Mich fell asleep and left me all alone with nothing to do. So, I took everything out of my bag and took photos of it. So here's what's inside my bag (most of the time):

2 sunglasses (addict much?), big clear glasses (for those dreaded excessive eyebags and undereye circle-- that no concealer can conceal-- days), my ever beloved Motorola V3 ((who's dying on me) , a headband, my Tonic purse (I don't like big organized wallets. I tend to just mindlessly shove my money in them so a big coin purse is just perfect), an umbrella, a scrunchie, mints, my lifesaver notebook (where all my to dos and outfit for the day for travels are written) and my ever reliable kikay kit/makeup kit.

And to show you how bored I am, I even took photos of what's inside my makeup kit! Sorry if it looks messy. My bronzer spilled inside and I'm still too lazy to clean it up.

Bobbi Brown concealer+corrector, L'oreal true match liquid concealer (yes, I'm a concealer addict), L'oreal True Match Dual powder, E.L.F eyeshadow & foundation brush, Ellana lip&cheek tint, petroleum jelly and Rosebud Salve lip balm. I also always bring my skin allergy cream. 

After a few minutes, our service and guide finally came to fetch us. I tried to sleep inside the van but my tour groupmates were too noisy chitchatting so I was awake the whole ride. We arrived at our first stop after an hour.

1st Stop - Everybody's Cafe

So I heard this is a popular dine-in resto in Pampanga. Their clientele composes of high ranking government officials and their guests.

From the outside it just looks like a house.

They also serve food--canteen style. 
I look cross eyed! Don't laugh it's the effect of the glasses. Hee.

We were then escorted in an airconditioned area of the resto. There was already a table reserved for us. I've been looking forward to a nice breakfast. Then they served this cricket delicacy first. Ugh, good job.

Everybody tasted it except me. Um, no thank you. And if that weren't enough they even brought out the uncooked ones--with heads. Eew. They look like tortured mini shrimps. 

Now this I love.

It's what they call Batirol. And here's how you make it...

Yes, go lola the batirol queen!

I don't usually finish my food (which I know is a bad habit!), but this cup I drank up to the last drop! I love that it's not too sweet. And it has peanuts. Like a dark butterfinger chocolate liquified.Yum.

We were served the traditional Pampangueno breakfast which was carabao meat (tapang kalabaw) and sinigang na bangus with garlic rice. Our guide kept on praising the tapa saying it's yummy and it melts in the mouth, so I got enticed to eat it (sorry vegans=(). But after one bite, I vowed never to eat it again. It tastes sour and it has a weird taste. My tastebuds were revolting. So I opted for the fish instead which was delicious.

And then we were served this...

Fried frogs. Sorry but I would never try eating this. I don't care if it tastes like chicken or cotton candy, I still won't. 

2nd Stop - Allie's Peanuts

So they said there's this historical peanuts being sold in Pampanga. One lady even said it reminds her of her childhood (with tears in her eyes). So, our very enthusiastic food obsessed groupmates urged our guide to pass by the peanut store.

When we got inside we were offered a free taste. I was highly anticipating some kind of peanut rupture (um, weird?) after my 1st bite. But to my dismay (or maybe my tastebuds are just so ordinary), it tastes like Growers. I even blurted it aloud. So embarassing. I think my tourmates wanted to kill me for ruining their peanut moments. Sorry. So I just bought some Turones de Casoy, my fave! =)

3rd Stop: San Guillermo Parish or what's popularly called--Simbahan ni Santino! (after that abs-cbn show, wth? )

This church was buried 12 meters by Lahar due to the historic Mt. Pinatubo eruption during the 1990's.

They said this parish is just poor thus the unfinished interiors.

Checking out some secret rooms.

Inside the secret room.

Backyard. Lovely.


Taken with the camera hanging on a tree branch.

Bahay ni Mayor??? (again from abs-cbn's show, wth?!)

4th Stop: Betis Church (Sistine Chapel of Pampanga)

The murals and painted walls and ceilings are amazing. The altar reminds me of Vatican. Well, that's because Vatican approved this church's design.

My heart melted when I saw an old man selling rags outside. So I asked Mich to buy from him. It was a blessing in disguise coz the rag proved to be useful. I used it all throughout the trip.

5th Stop: La Moderna bakery

This bakery sells the orginal sampaguita cookies--those creamy flower shaped cookies that melts-in-your-mouth. We were also given the chance to take a peek inside.

Yes, I really had to sit beside Manang and make chika. I'm friendly like that. Hehe.

6th stop: The Home of the Original Sansrival

Mrs. Lansang (the original owner) was taught in the early 1920's by a Dominican sister how to make delicacies like turones de casoy, sansrival, etc. The recipe has been with the family for decades. And if you're not familiar with the place you'll totally miss the store coz it looks like a house--um, because it is!

Ate in action. Smells divine.

No, this is not Mrs. Lansang. I got fooled too. Beautiful lola!

Sansrival bases. Yuuuum. I wanted to smell but Lola was looking.

Free taste! 

 It's delicious BUT it's too sweet for my taste. :c

Statues overload.

So we didn't buy. We bought Turones again and Marzapan (yema balls with cashew) though! 

Next stop: Lunch at Lilian Borromeo's house

So we were told that Atcheng Lilian is one of the Top 3 best cooks in the Philippines. We were brought to her lovely home which was filled with antique cooking tools and stories. 

While waiting, I went around (typical snoopy me) and took some shots from my Lumix cam.

These cookwares date back to the 1800's.

Acting out. With my very useful rag. Hehe.

Buffet Lunch!

Tomato candy (that's real tomato!). Delicious.

How to eat fish with "buro" (fermented rice). Reminds me of Vietnam.

And there's that fried frog again. Ugh.

After eating, we were then treated to a free demo on how to make the famous San Nicolas cookies.

These cookie molds are from the 1800's. Wow!

The original San Nicolas cookie molder.

Demo preparation

A little story about the different molds.

This plant's roots is where our ancestors got the flour they use for cookies! Hard labor!

Time first! Electric fan break.

Araro flour. 
The flour inside this container dates back to 1945! And it's still surprisingly fine and no insects or foreign objects inside. Wow.

Mix Mix.

Roll Roll.

Form form.

Me listening & watching intensely.


Yey to free taste!

Photo with the cooking star. :) 

And while waiting for the others to finish purchasing their cookies...

Photo op first.

Next stop: Best Halo-Halo in town. Cabigting's. (they said it's better than Razon's!)

Me, in a state of mini tantrums. I just woke up and I feel tired.

This halo-halo only has 3 things in it: Milk, Corn and Pastillas candy.

The halo-halo is priced at P70 per serving. I didn't finish mine though. The pastillas was too sweet for me again. :c Maybe I'm corny but I like the normal halo-halo better.

Next Stop: Holy Angel University'sCenter for Kapampangan Studies

Diorama inside. The details are amazing.

Looks like a mini version of Batis' Church's altar.

Kadaberks! New found friends. The Macabebes. Hihi.
Although, if they're alive and breathing, I don't think they'd like that coz they're supposed to 
hate--as in loathe-- Tagalogs!

History board. I found UST on this board! 1611 founded. Yeeez.


Cam whoring outside.

We were then called back inside again to watch the Kapampangan history in their mini theatre. Sosyal.

I was drawn to this picture along the staircase. So beautiful. 
She's the 1st Kapampangan beauty queen during the 1920's. I love her headress.
And the pearls! Winner.

Next stop: Aling Lucing's Sisig

And look who their famous guest was?

It's Anthony Bourdain!!! I wonder what his verdict was. He's smiling so I think it was good?

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos of the sisig itself. Haha. I was too tired and sleepy. But it was delicious too. Tastes buttery and it's not crunchy. I do like Ms. Lilian's sisig more though.
Last Stop:  Ayala Center 

We went here to buy last minute pasalubongs. And the place is huge. It's like Serendra. There are a lot of shops and restaurants.

Wearing: yourfashionpolice.multiply.com ombre bf shirt, Zara shorts, Keds sneakers, F21 accessories

Overall, it was a fun experience. I didn't really love all the food but I love that they incorporated a lot of history in the trip. And that's all that matters. =)

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  1. You really had fun! Great shots! (:

  2. Hmm. I think that picture of the cookie mold is upside down. LOL. napansin pa? :p

  3. felt like travelling rin while reading your blog! :) i also carry pertroleum jelly with me, always! haha

  4. amazing post!!! i really enjoyed the food!! i miss authentic filipino food. i might need to go on one of these trips when i visit!! :D

    and i've tried frogs before and i really liked it! hahaha! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. First, thank you for the comment and for the follow; following you too now. :-) yea, try Seoul Garden, it's definitely worth it. :)

    I live in Pampanga!!! I should say, where you went are the so-called pioneers but there are a lot of restaurants offering such delicacies and meal na better na. hee. I don't like Kabigtings as well, I prefer the usual halo-halo too! :) great photos! I love your outfit!!! :D

    see you around blogger,

  6. thank you for the sweet comment! it's so exciting to hear from new people. all the outfit photos were taken in different parts of my backyard. i've been too shy to take any in public haha.

    i am definitely going to have to come back and look at all your wonderful pictures. :] thanks again!

  7. Nice adventure, I love your shirt :P
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Love, Angie

    Visit me: styleninfa.blogspot.com

  8. picture overload! i love every bit of it!

  9. woah. lotsa pictures but I LOVE IT! nice shots and so kulit comments haha!!! now i want to go on a food trip too! :)

  10. love your pink top! looks like you had a great time! :)

    re: black boaters hat. i think i got it from galleria? i can't remember.

  11. Hi pax!thanks for the sweet comment.You have a great blog and you deserved being in top 7 stylish pinays.yehey!
    whatta nice adventure you had.love the foods.I think i'll try those fried frogs.hihi.looks exciting!
    love your top,btw.
    I'll be following you,pax! ^=^

  12. among the bunch of photos, my fave is the one taken with the camera hanging on a tree branch, very creative! might do that next time, LOL! :)

  13. ahhh all the food photos are totally making me HUNGRY!. you're so bad for teasing us ;)


  14. cool outfit! i love your top and necklace!! and the church is very beautiful!

  15. OMG i love this i want to do this too!!!!!!!!!!!! how how how???

  16. OMG i love this i want to do this too!!!!!!!!!!!! how how how???

  17. This trip sounds (and looks) very interesting! Even thogh I don't know what most of those foods are.
    Love your shirt!

  18. holla, thanks for leavin a comment...
    filiphine right??so excited dear!!hehe...your picts amaze me...
    followin' you officially, follow me back??hehe


  19. Lovely photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  20. omg food trip! I want to experience that too, paano ba mag-sign up for that tour? grabe, you surely had a blast! :D

    Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

  21. -Is this for your job, Pax? Ang saya naman! :D

    -Would love to try batirol!

    -On the contrary, I love frogs naman! Or maybe it depends sa pagkaluto. Hihi.

    -Nakakatawa, I've never been to San Guillermo Parish but feeling ko familiar na familiar na ako sa place simply because of the soap op! WTH?! Haha. :)

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  23. Socorro Henson, the first beauty queen of Pampanga is my great grandmother. I was so happy to see your post.My mom speaks fondly of her all the time and says that she was really beautiful.

  24. @Alexis- OMG really??!!! awww, she's so beautiful. You've got a beautiful great grandmother:) I hope you can post more photos of her! Do you have a blog?:) Thanks for dropping by.

  25. I'm going to ask my mom for pictures of my lola so that I can show them to you. I do have a blog, it's called heartbeatsandsequins.blogspot. You write so well.


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