Weekend Parade

So last night, after 2 years, I finally went to the UST Mountaineering Club's meeting at 77 bar along Kamuning. It was fun seeing old org mates again as well new bloods. Hee. :) Yes, I know it doesn't look like it but I am a member of this club and I do enjoy this death defying (um not really) activity! I was even into rock climbing before. So anyway, the meeting was all about the org's agenda for this year, our upcoming anniversary celebration (24th year!=D) and our new website. Exciting! Here are some of the few (as in 5 pcs.) of photos I took..

Discussion. Arguments. Agreements.

Of course, I wasn't able to come out of there without being teased! Argh. So here's what I wore.

Denim Jacket - thrifted, Dress - thrifted, Shoes - random from bazaar, Necklace - Forever 21 & SM

Then come Sunday I went to the Rockwell Urban Bazaar! Went with my FIP friends --Rech, Lia and Rose. 

Rech and Lia going gaga over Dollface cosmetics.:)

Rose came with her hubby and adorable kid!:)

I also went to pick up my Pixie (Inkarlcerating wedge) from Soule Phenomenon. And finally got to meet Nicole!!! She's gorgeous. :)

Also, went to my friend Rachel's booth (Poisonberry) to pick up the skirt I reserved. Got to meet and talk to her super cool mom who's extremely nice. Turns out her mom is currently enrolled at FIP and she's taking up Haute Couture! Cool mom!:)

So here are my bazaar loots...

Skirt - P500 ($11), Wedge - P3500 ($76)

We then went for a quick snack outside then we all parted ways. Mich and I headed to Megamall next. Of course, I cannot not go inside Forever 21 since I read from Lloyda's blog that new stocks just arrived! They already have the lace up wedge I was crushing on for weeks now which I saw at F21's site), but too bad they don't have sizes anymore. ;c So I just went home with a top and a skirt! So much for not buying clothes there. Haha. I do have a valid reason (I think). I only buy clothes I know I wont be able to find in thrift shops or anywhere else. Or if I've been looking for that particular style since forever--which was the case this time. Hah.

Here are my loots...

Top - P289 ($6), Skirt - P708.50 ($15)

Oh and I also saw Carla at the Atrium! Too bad we weren't able to really say hi, but we did wave at each other. :) Nice bumping into you Carla! 

Got really hungry after so we headed straight to Orchard Road resto for some chinese food fix.

I ordered lemon chicken rice and Mich ordered lemon fish rice.

While waiting...

That ghostly figure is actually a girl walking past our table. Cool huh. Hihi.

And then our food arrived. At last! Yum.

Then after eating we passed by a store with some cd's on sale... 3 for P200 ($5)-- not bad-- so we bought cd's of our favorite movies. :) I chose Clueless (of course), Marie Antoinette and Jumanji.

On our way out we passed by Beard Papa and bought our favorite Sylvanas!

We bought 2 pcs and paid for P50 ($1). Delicious!

Super fun day. Fun for the soul but not for the wallet. Lol. House arrest anyone?

Oh and my outfit for the day... 

dress - Archive, shoes - Daintyshop, necklace - Forever 21


  1. Pax! I love your black polo dress! It's soo nice :) As usual, nagshopping ka na naman ;) nakakainggit naman! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. thanks Melai! ay nako ihou2se arrest ko na sarili ko ayoko na magshoppppppp. Hahaha sana totoo. hihi!:)

  3. Pax! Gosh I lost my phone kanina lang. Waaaah :(. So PM muna sa multiply to communicate with me :) Syempre kung sakin ka magsshop di kita pipigilan. Haha joke. Pero yes the skirt will fit you ^____^.

    Ang mahal lang (for me) ng sapatos sa soule phenomenon. Sale ko nalang sila aabangan. Haha! Nanalo nga ako ng giveaway biglang minalas ako sa phone so yung pangshopping ko dapat mapupunta sa cellphone. eeek. :( haaaay. life. :) PM me lang sa multiply ah :)

  4. AHA! kaya pala. i texted you kanina. hehe cge ill pm you now:)

  5. the soule phenomenon shoes look awesome but yeah, i agree with melai -- it's too expensive for me...haha! i know i'm a cheapskate...the most i spend on shoes is P2500...

    neway, love your top!!! and the cross necklace!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. @Gizelle - actually, it's expensive for me too. hehe! It's the most expensive shoes I own! But I badly wanted a wedge boots before so here it is na. hehe.

  7. the dress you're wearing is super cute :D hehe reminds me like a madeline cape almost!

    great finds too (those shoes are so hot!)

  8. looked like it was a fun-filled day! and you took home w/ you quite a number of stuff, too! doesn't it make you feel so fabulous carrying a few shopping bags around? for a moment, you forget about how zero money left you have in your wallet. or this just me? haha.

    love the frills on your dress, Pax! you look very chic indeed.


    boat ride through the sky

  9. Hey Pax! I saw you at the bazaar but i was soo shy to talk to you. haha. So heellooo there! Omygosh, those shoes! would you believe i wanted to buy them too but also found them to be a bit pricey. Among all their shoes, those are my favorite pair <3

  10. @angie - thanks!:)

    @gela - i agree!!! it is fab caryying shopping bags the moment before you realize you're pooreer na. wahehe!!!

  11. @Acha - I think I saw you too but I was shy to approach you also!!!:D

  12. i love your style! and your shopping made me jealous!

  13. I also got the Pixie wedge! I love your dress Pax. and my gawd, the F21 tank is so dirt cheap!!!

  14. @Kookie - thanks Kookie! the pixie wedge is soooo hawt!:) And yes, the F21 top is a lucky find!:)


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