Tracing and retracing.

Last Monday was our market day in fashion school! We went to different thrift shops in Cubao to look for great pieces we could use for our 1st photoshoot on Monday and some pieces we could keep ourselves. Well, it was just the best excuse to shop with my fellow shopaholic classmates. Lol.

I chose the Homeless/Hobo theme from all the other 4 themes, coz for me this is the most challenging and ironically the easiest to do. Or maybe because it suits my persona. Other themes are Twilight (think Edward), Dandy (think Sherlock Holmes), Uniform (think police), and Kawaii (think Ukiss, Lol). I'm almost done shopping to complete the ensemble I have in mind. Just need the perfect pair of shoes and I'm all set. It's sooo difficult shopping for men. It's not my favorite thing to do. Haha.

We went to 6 thrift shops and this is the only thing I was able to buy...

Cute eh? :) T-strap flats from Millie's. And it's as good as new! The sole also have minimal signs of wearing. I love it. Wasn't able to buy anything more 'coz I had a terrible migraine that day from lack of sleep and going in and out of airconditioned rooms after sweating like a pig outside.

But when I went to PRP in Gateway to sit on their couch and rest (yes I do that, haha), I wasn't able to contain myself from buying this beautiful gem...And it's on sale!

Was P1600 before, bought it for P900 only. :) I'm a sucker for good bargains!

My head was still throbbing like hell when I got home, but at least I was in shoe heaven! Good enough for me. :P


  1. oh gosh.. you make me miss shopping back home.. both in thrift stores and in people are people! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. I love the first pair of shoes!cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


  3. love the t-strap shoes!
    the t-strap wedges below are pretty too!


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