Happy Happy Joy Joy

Good news #1: So happy that the necklaces I ordered from Hongkong through Ebay is finally here!!! I've been looking for the perfect cross necklace--and here it is.

I may have waited for 2 weeks for this babies, but they're totally worth it. And for some other exciting news...

Good news #2: Archive Clothing will launch it's new line--SOON! It's gonna be called Going Modern by Archive. Our first collection is mostly of rompers so watch out!
It’s basically new clothes designed after vintage pieces. This is perfect for those who doesn’t want pre-loved clothes but loves the vintage feel.

Here's a sneak peak:

Do check my blog often or my online store for news. Target uploading completion is within the next 2 weeks.:)

Good news #3: Got featured in Fabsugar for their Look of the Day section. Exciting! Thanks Fabsugar!:)

And the best news is...

Good news #4: I'm truly so honored to be named Chictopia's Style Icon for the month of June!!! :) I was not expecting this coz there were a lot of other great candidates. Such a sweet surprise. I'm so happy. Do check out my Chictopia blog HERE.

So with this, I want to say a big, warm and fuzzy thank you to everyone who've been giving me nice/kind words, consistent encouragements, wonderful comments, and all the love in this fashion blogging world. I'm so happy to be a part of something that's not only for show, but where true friendships blossom and where individual style grows. Always for the better. :) And for those who always tell me I inspire them, I want to give the exultation back to you. YOU ALL INSPIRE ME. Cheers to more fashion blogging years!:)

Love, love:)


  1. I love it sis! :) Congrats with the chictopia award! :) That's a great achievement, and you deserve it! :)

  2. aw, thanks sis!!:) i have to submit order form pa ha. :)

  3. Congratulations! You deserved it, such gorgeous style x

  4. I love the T-strap shoes! Lovely!
    And the cross neckpiece as well. Great! ((:

  5. hurray for all these achievements! you truly deserve it, you know!! you're so chic all the time!!

    btw, i love that pink romper you're sporting!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. your outfits are so cool! i like the cross necklaces! i bought one from forever 21 online a couple a weeks ago, and when i got it the cross was almost as big as yours. i wasnt expecting it to be so huge, but it's growing on me!


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