Shoe Maniac

These are the babies I ordered from as far as 1-2 months ago. Hopefully, I'd get my hands on them before the month ends! Yey.

Just because I'm tired of my black shoes--So I opted for green!:)
Shop at The Dainty Shop.

Aldo inspired pumps. Might sell this one again coz I bought one similar at PRP.

My original order was out of stock so I opted for this nice lace bow pumps!
Shop at Ichigoshoes.

Cute flats from Ichigoshoes--I bought the yellow one!

Pixie wedge from Soule! Excited!

Broke my bank again. Sorry mich. :)

Shoes I'd really love to have:

from Asos

from Asos

as seen on facebook

Michael Antonio wedges which I'm saving up for. Got inspired by Bestie!:)

Miu Miu sparrow print pumps

D-squared bone heels

Mcqueen heels--a girl can dream right? :)


And speaking of shoes... I am thinking of doing this as Mich's and I's next project:

photo from http://theshoegirl.blogspot.com

Since I don't have a walk-in closet and I guess I'll never have one unless I buy a new house (haha), a shoe shelf will do. And Mich said she moonlights as a carpenter (I HAVE to believe her, haha) so I gues it's on! Need to buy materials soon. So excited. Hope it comes out perfectly.

Care to share your own shoe haven?:)


  1. Oh my gawdddddd! super ganda ng shoeees dude!


  2. Kaya nga dude ito na ang source ng aking kahirapan!!! Mich will kill me. hahaha

  3. I love the Miu Miu shoes! I wish I could have them made in a jewel navy colour. My shoe collection is composed mainly of Keds and ballet flats. It can't compare to yours!

    Thanks for following,
    A from A Plus B in the Sea

  4. Thanks A!:) I would choose keds or ballet flats over heels anytime!:)

    Drowning Equilibriums

  5. nakakatawa coz i wanted to be good in carpentry din hahaha! ;p
    those are woahhhh number of shoes shopped pax! :D shoeholic! <3

  6. @Anagon - kung marunong lng ako ng carpentry I'll make my own house! Hahaha! I know I know it's a lot shoes haha. But I didn't pay for them all at one time. So does that make less of a shoeholic? Heeeeee. =)

  7. The lace bow shoes are too cool! I like the idea of displaying your shoes like that. It looks simple enough to make. Great shoes are too pretty to be kept in storage! Show us the finished product please :)

    If you're interested to know where the Tagaytay ukays are e-mail me! I'll explain where a good bunch are :)


    B from A plus B

  8. @B - right!!! I also have to buy some more shoe boxes to preserve the shoes. Any suggestions where I could buy?:)

    I'll email you re: tagaytay ukays. Wait for it!:)


  9. aaahh shoe porn!! i dont even know where to start with this post!! i've visited the soule site and im so jealous you get access to those amazing knockoffs!!! :D and of course, those runway shoes are just insanely fabulous!

    Animated Confessions

  10. omg! gotta love shoes! i want almost all you posted1 hahaha

  11. @Sybil - what knockoffs are they again? I forgot. Lol. Told you I was never brand conscious. Hahaha:)

    @Lloyda - thanks love!!!

  12. thanks for visiting my blog! i added you to my link okay? :) oh got the hat from SM!!! hahaha. that's where kookie got hers too! :)

  13. I'm a queen of sole too ;) i love shoes. Just got three pairs this week. And I'm think I'm going to get another pair before the weekends. Crazy, I know!

    Super love your blog and style :)


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