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First of all, Thank you Mich for giving me a laptop table. Now I can give my spine and scolio some rest. Second of all, I received a text from my teacher at fashion school and it seems that we're gonna be part of a fashion show on Saturday at a big club here in Manila! It's a surprise project (aside from the photoshoot) wherein we need to style 2 models, 1 male 1 female. And yeah, it sure was a surprise. So of course, I panicked, a little. I panicked for 15 minutes, calling up classmates etc. etc. But then I started working afterwards. I already gave away the clothes I used at our previous men's wear shoot, so I'm on a substitution quest. Also tried on numerous clothes for hours until I finally decided what look I'd showcase on the show and the photoshoot. Excited to show it to you guys soon:)

So totally unrelated, this is what kept me glued to my laptop last night...

photo grabbed from ebay seller AdornBridalBoutique

Love the details on this wedding dress. So pretty.

photo grabbed from ebay seller firefly1052
Loooove all that lace!

photo grabbed from Etsy seller VeraVague

This is a lil creepy but the dress is really beautiful.

These dresses came straight from the 1800's and are being sold at Ebay and Etsy.com (except for the last one which is a 1920's dress). I'm very tempted to buy one. Lol. Creepy? Yes I know. But I love historical things. I love thinking where the item has been, who owned them, who made them. Nothing beats keeping a souvenir from the past in your closet. Hee. I'm so smitten by the history that comes with it and all the handwork that brought together the entire piece. Aylavet.

Visit Etsy and Ebay for those fabulous historical fashion finds!


  1. that lace dress is super gorgeous! love it so much. i never tried finding stuff on ebay. i should try that one of these days. xx


  2. you should!!! Ebay is a goldmine.:) And I do love the lace dress so much but not more than the wedding gown. It's ethereal.:)

  3. ay ang gandaaaa!!! the one from firefly1052 is pure love! dream wedding gown! ;p

  4. @Anagon - korek!!! but i love the one from AdornBridalBoutique the most! :)


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