Ebay that is. I swear my shopping wishlist just goes on and on to forever. I feel so poor.

Anyway, I'm eyeing on these items on Ebay. And the best part is--shipping's free! Now why did I even sign up for a Paypal account. Bazinga.

Love that it really looks like ripped jeans!

Who doesn't like bows?:)

Yes and yes. Love this 2-tone leggings! Mesh in front...

Leather-ish at the back. Loves.

Silence and Noise mesh panel leggings.

And 3 tights (1 plain, 1 hearts, 1 dots) for $18 or P800--what a steal!!!

Leather like coz I don't even have one--yet!

And since I'm not selfish I'm sharing with you guys where to buy them. Click HERE and HERE.

See you guys in shopping rehab!:P

*photos grabbed from ebay sellers.

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