Philippine Fashion Week: Grand Allure Collection

This is the only show I went to. I opted to go to UP last Saturday and I was late for an earlier show last Sunday. I suck. Lol.

We got to SMX at around 6pm. So we ate first at MOA then went back again to check our names on the guestlist. We took pictures, I met up with some of my classmates and then we lined up early to get good seats. We were just on the 3rd row but our view was still good enough.

Show started at around 7:30pm and I can honestly say that my teacher John Herrera's collection was the best among all others. He also got the loudest applause. I may be a little bias but I also know a great dress when I see one. And his-- I can totally see myself wearing.

Here are some of my favorites from his collection:

Ultimate favorite:

The golds and scales are awesome!:) Amazing design and fit too. Please vote for John's design at Stylebible! Click HERE.

Cherry Veric also has interesting pieces! Some of my faves:

Only because I'm a sucker for big, frilly, tutu-esque skirts. Heee.

And here's my teacher John!

Fun fun night.:) Some more photos!

Wearing: vintage denim shirt, G2000 dress, topshop tights, Chicflick shoes


  1. fabulous gowns!! i want to have them all!! hahaha! greedy much?

    anyway, you look fantastic! i really need to start scouting for a denim shirt. so stylish!!

    btw, congrats on being style icon in chictopia!!! totally deserving! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. just buy from me i have pa sa archive!:) hahaha. no seriously there are a LOT in thrift shops. :)

    And thanks for the congratz! totally surprised , but such a sweet surprise!:) Love love:)

  3. OMG fisrt dress in amazing, fantastic...I love it...Nice post...


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