Dashboard Confessional in Manila

I never would have known they're coming here, if it weren't for the poster I saw in Glorietta.

See the fun in photos!

I was waiting for Mich when someone approached me and asked if he could get a photo of me. So I happily obliged. Hee. He handed me this card after...

Didn't know they'd show the photos for the whole night! I wanted to hide under my seat everytime my photo comes up. Mich's armpits became my armory. Argh, I looked like shit.

The line was not that long and it was very systematic.

I was able to get good seats. :)

Front Act: FRANCO.

Didn't know any of their songs, so we killed time by taking photos.

Then finally---DASHBOARD!!!

Chris Carraba is sooo gwapo!

He even played the organ.

Me in super fan mode.

Singing As lovers go.

And all the other happy people.


The concert was amazing. It was really fun 'coz there were a lot of impromptu speeches from Chris and a lot of singing along! They sang more or less 18 songs. It ws worth it. We got so hungry afterwards so we ate at the first open resto we saw.

Forgot the name of this chinese resto but the food was delish. :) I wish Googoodolls would come here too!

Wearing: thrifted dress worn as top, denim shorts, Primadonna wedgewith socks,
Versace bag, Tomato accessories


  1. Grabeee! =D It was super fun sis, although kami ng friend ko were super tipid-mode we bought the bronze tix lang na EARLY BIRD rate pa haha! :D
    Looks fun infront, and i agree--Goo Goo Dolls pls! ;)

  2. ok lng sis at least naexperience nio!:) Fun nga super:) Sana nga googoodolls naman or Alex band or U2. hehehe!:)


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