Flu Flu Go Away

I haven't been posting outfit shots lately 'coz I have a bad case of influenza. My punishment for finishing off one whole plastic of merengue and downing it with a glass of ice cold coke. Which I will never ever do again. Within hours I had an excruciating sorethroat, then it turned to flu the next day. Been resting for 3 days. Hope this goes away soon before our Monday photoshoot.

So yesterday, I dragged myself out of bed (flu and all) to attend a meeting with my FIP classmates. We had to deliberate and agree on one theme for our shoot. We ended up choosing "Tribute to Polkas". It may be simple but I think it's gonna be awesome.

Had a nice dinner with Mich after, a mani and pedi, then watched Prince of Persia. Jake G. may be far from Persian but the movie was really cool.

And so.. here's what I wore!

I was too distracted (sniffing, coughing, blowing my nose--I know eew) to think of a better outfit, so I went for a fuss free one. Just threw on a shirt, jeans, flats plus this nice vintage gray houndstooth blazer. The blazer really vamped up this otherwise boring ensemble. Loves.

And here's my own tribute to polka!

Wearing: Random polka shirt, thrifted polka shorts, thrifted shoes,
Versace purse, from HK hat

The shorts and shoes are my new scores from a recent thrift excursion at my Mom's hometown! I bathed in buckets of sweat but totally worth it. Love!:)


  1. i love your shorts! and i have soft spot for polka dots too.

    get well soon dear. xx


  2. love love love ur purse! and those thrifted cullots are fantastic! TOTAL SCORE! xx


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