Ola La Carlota

Went to my Mom's hometown last Thursday to visit my grandmother and attend her 86th birthday. Here's how the days went in photos... :)

While waiting for the plane to depart from NAIA.

While waiting for our ride at Silay airport.

I know I kinda looked like I was to go to UK, but I didn't really care. Hee.

Mango Outlet store at Robinsons. Too bad we were in a hurry didn't get to buy anything! :c

Sleepy me while waiting for my food at Bob's.

Day 2 - Grandma's Bday!

She just wanted a simple intimate birthday but it turned as a mini reunion for the Aguirres.

My overly charming/smarter than a 5th grader cousin Zoe.

Ate Analyn-our yaya since we were little- also came!


Love the valenciana and callos.

Birthday girl! My very beautiful Lola. :)

The Aguirres -- my grandfather's (who passed away last '98) siblings.

Playing around with my lola's hat! Feeling haciendera-- Aylavet!

Ain't they cute? My lola's BFF--Tita Benita.

The party ended at around 5pm. I had time to take photos around our compound.

This pick-up had been with us for more than 20 years! I have the fondest memories of this fella. This is what we used for outings or just spontaneous roadtrips when we were young. How I miss those days. :)

And when our old pick-up can't take anymore, this is his hospital. Our talyer inside the compound. And that charming old fella is Otik! Our car doctor for more than 30 years. :) When I saw him there, it felt just like yesterday when I last saw him.

Of course, I had to take shots of my grandma's garden. :)

Also visited our great grandmother--she's 97 years old! I have a feeling she'll make it past 100. Just like my other lola (her sister) who died at the age of 105.

Saw this huge lizard at the window! It's what we call tuko and it measures about 6 inches. Afraid!

This is the main house inside our family compound.
What we call "Dako na Balay" or "The Big House".

The driveway.

Here's how it looks like inside...

The house is more than a hundred years old, has 5 rooms, 4 dining areas and 2 salas.We only use it for parties now. Only my great grandmother lives there--at a room downstairs. We used to sleep here when we were kids during summer vacations--but then some supernatural /unexplainable things happened. And we never stayed there again. There are numerous guests who can attest to this. :) Last year, I took a photo of my sister at one of the dining area and when I reviewed the photos on our computer something weird appeared. Creepy.

But I will forever love this house. I swear whenever I am at the carport, I can almost see and hear my late grandfather laughing and smiling at me. I will give up anything to relive those days. :)

After visiting my great grandma, we continued taking photos outside.

The main garden.

Inside the main garden.

We used to have a secret spot at the back part where we play and just lie down and share stories.

My favorite spot. The rock below the Macopa tree!

Doing what I liked doing when I was a kid!

This place really brings back a lot of memories. Wonderful, amazing ones. :) We might now be busy that we never find time to visit often, but I will always remember each summer I spent here.

Can't wait to go back on the 26th for our Cauayan adventure! :)


  1. gorgeous house and garden!! i miss the province back there! our ancestral house is in batangas and it's always so serene in there!! :D

    you look great in your outfit!!! love the skirt, blazer and purse!! really feminine! :D

    happy bday to your lola!! she is phenomenal! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Really love the outfit and you've got astonishing photos!

    Btw, are you still interested about the hats? Thanks babe!

  3. It's nice to look back to your childhood! I love all the photos! :) And the " I will give up anything to relive those days. :)" made me melt. =)
    Stay pretty!

  4. double wow for the house. GRABE. parang sa mga old movies. namangha ako. yung flooring anggaling.

    all pics-super LIKEE ;)

  5. hi girl!
    great interiors! love the garden and I'm drooling over that lechon!!! :))


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