About me and then some.

I was tagged by the ultra chic and gorgeous Bestie of the capricious club to answer a short survey. Here are the best answers I got! :)

1. What shoe size are you?
- I'm a regular size 7. But sometimes my feet magically shrinks to fit certain shoes! Lol.

2. Where do you work?
- I work for an SEO firm in NY. And I'm lucky enough to just be working from home! That gives me the liberty to do other stuffs like study and run errands by day and focus on my online store Archive Clothing. :)

3. Favorite piece of clothing you own?
- Ahh, there are a lot! But I love my vintage dresses and blazers the most:)

4. Your favorite blog?
- I check out a lot of blogs. I often visit those found on my sidebar:)

5. Do you have any pets?
- I had a cat named Cinammon and Shamey before. But they're now gone. I want a dog! But I'm afraid I just might kill it out of negligence.

6. How many siblings do you have?
- a younger brother and an older sister.

7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
- Paris? I love that there's art everywhere! But I do love Pinas. This is home. :)

8. What were you doing before this?
- Chatting with Mich. :)

9. Your favorite food?
- I may not look like it but I do LOVE eating. And I love a lot of food! But to break it down I often feast on Chicken Curry, Anything with chili sauce (I'm an addict!), Pizza with cheese on the edge, creampuff, dark chocolates, Yellow Cab's potato halves and Thai food!:) And I've recently discovered my fondness for Indian food!:)

10. Do you have a middle name?
- Aguirre.:)

11. Your favorite websites?
- Chictopia! Different blogs, perezhilton (yes i love good 'ol holywood gossip, Lol), Multiply (checking my store and shopping online!), Celebritystyleguide.com

12. Who do you tag? - the very stylish Dred of dredreveries and hot momma Ace of where my heart is.

Oh, and here's my latest outfit post!

I'm far away from my dull gray wall as background. So glad my grandmother have a wonderful garden!:) I'm now here at our ancestral house in La Carlota--an hour away from Bacolod city-- for my grandmother's birthday tomorrow. I'm loving the stress free, quiet ambiance. Sometimes it's really more fun getting out of the city. But I swear if I stay here longer than 4 days I'd go crazy. Lights out at 9pm? No, thanks! I do missed my Lola though. Will post more pics tomorrow!:)

Oh, and thank you Daisy of daisydayz for the FEATURE! :) Lotsa love!


  1. you look great in that blazer!!!
    your job is making me so jealous! i wish i can work from home too! hahaha! :D

    oh btw, just added you in my blog links! :D
    Animated Confessions

  2. Your blazer is lovely. Great colour. Thanks for the comment.

  3. @Thanks Sybil and Daisy!:)

  4. that's it! im putting you in my sidebar's daily reads! haha! i cannot get enough of your ukay finds esp. the blazers :) and oh, we both work as SEO :)

  5. @KD- really? cool! where do you work?:) i'm glad to have found someone who's in the same field as I am. Heee. Thanks for the comment!:)

  6. you look great in eyeglasses, pax!

  7. Love this interview sweety!!! Hope I can buy from your store someday! Really love your style so I link you to my blog!

  8. Great style you have! I love the blazer! :)

  9. Your message helped me through a rough patch ... I cannot thank you enough!

    PS My size 6 feet can suddenly morph into a size 7 when it's the only available shoe size around ... aren't we funny?

  10. Hi Nina! I'm glad you're back!:) And I'm glad you're doing great..:)

    It's so cool to come across someone who has the same "gift" as me.So funny but great. Lol:)

  11. Aisa ... an ex-ballerina too ... we should meet up!

  12. @Kookie - thanks dear!:) I just usually wear it whenever I have unmanageable dark undereye circles. Heee.

    @Cadykawaii - Hey ashley I love your boater hats!I want to buy!How?:) Linked you here too!:)

    @Sharina - thanks dear!

    @Nina - we should!!!:)

  13. Send me an e-mail ckawaiilover (at) gmail.com

    I was about to e-mail you but can't find yours. Sorry babe!

  14. emailed you already Ash!:)

  15. babe, thank you!!!!!!! love love! =))


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