Late Post: Trippin' in UP!

I'm such an irresponsible blogger for not updating everyday. :c Anyway, here are the photos from my last UP excursion. A fun afternoon of just pure eating and posing in front of our Lumix LX3. And sorry if the photos are mostly of me. :P


Trying out different settings: Pinhole, Vibrant and Film Grain

Chocolate Kiss' Iced Tea is love:)

Finally got to taste their Devil's Food Cake. 
Not mind blowing, but still delish.

Cute  painting.

Mala- Blair Witch. Haha.

Also tried test shots for my sister's pre-nup shoot, which we actually enjoyed. Hee! Cover your eyes for the coming cheesiness! :P

Yes--our mala-telenovela shot. Kakahiya. Hahaha!

Nothing beats an afternoon of food, smiles and photos. :P


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