Nocturnal Fashion Show

Our fashion show at Dolce last Saturday was a blast. There were a lot of glitches but still an amazing experience. Show was sponsored by Nocturnal photography. 

Here's how the day went in photos...

How it was in the dressing room.

  Sir John doing some last touches before his model walks the runway.

In my own space. Chaotic!

I'm in the 2nd set. They spelled my name wrong!

Dette with her model and own creation.

With Joy my model and my works.

Rech with Wymber her model and her fab Chanel bag!
So Coco Chanel, love it.

And we were given flowers. Awww. :)

What happens outside the dressing room?

Out for lunch with some classmates.

Hungry stylists wolfing down their dinner.

With my good friend/co-stylist Jear.

My sister and Mich came too.

Dragged Mich outside to take my photos. Hee.

I swear she's not high nor drunk.

What is VVIP? Vonggang vonggang important person!

Flashbang. I look high. Hahaha.

Sipping cocktails before the show with my teacher and classmates!

One of my bestfriends--Cecille--came too! With Taks and Ate.

Some photos from the show. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the models I styled. :c Hoping I'd get to grab some somewhere.

Wrong spelling wrong! Haha. 
But seeing my name on screen was still exciting.
Show opener-- John Herrera's work.

My homeless/Hobo look.
I know I know, there were scarcity of male models. 
This one's got an eye infection or something. Yikes. 

 Joy with my revamped polka look. 
Too bad the skirt was loose on her so the black tutu's band was showing =C

 View from the top.

FIP Styling Class + designers.
(photos from event sponsor)

Show ended at around 3am. Didn't get to stick around coz my sister wants to go home already. But we went to Mister Kebab first for a quick shawarma fix:)

With Cecille, Taks, Ate, Ken and Mich.

 What an amazing night. Good times, good laughs, good opportunities, good friends, good love. Blessed. :)

And here's what I wore:

Tsumori Chisato top from Ebay, H&M black dress, Ichigo bow shoes, 
black socks, fedora hat

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