Stylistas Gone Wild!

Stylistas--that's how we call our styling class in Fashion Institute. Fun noh?:) After 3 sessions we've all become style sisters (including the men, hee). Classes are fun everytime. Such a happy place.

So 2 weeks ago we had our first major project--menswear photoshoot. We were given 5 themes. We were divided into 3 groups so we could all work together and we could share models.

GMA was also shooting with us the whole day for their Fashion Styling segment for Kapuso: Jessica Soho. For the record, the segment was too short! To think we were shooting ALL day. Sayang the other scenes they didn't include. Oh well. TV.

To cut the story short, here's how our team did:

"Twilight" - styled by Dette

"Uniform" - styled by Pretty Posh

"Kawaii" - styled by Honey

"Dandy" - styled by Charmaine


"Homeless/Hobo" - styled by Me!:)

More photos from our photographer Von Lazaro soon! For the meantime, please bear with my own shots...

I was on my feet the whole day, so I watched SATC2 to de-stress. Fun movie. :)

And yeah, the movie was ALL about the fab outfits.

I'm sorry if the photos are small. I just don't have the time to upload each one in photobucket, so I directly upload them here. Apparently, Blooger's large images are not "large" enough. :c

But you can view the bigger images by clicking on each one. If you're interested enough. Hee:D


  1. i like everything!!! :) is there a course na styling in fip na??? :) i took fashion accessories loooong time ago na sa fip, with sir rencie!:) i hope i have budget na, i want to go back to "school"! :D
    good job with styling! :) super cool!

  2. Good job to you guys dear!
    Aba! Parang gusto ko rin mag-enroll! Hehe!

    Style and Soul

  3. looks like a blast!!

    Food porn!! NOMS!

    I was stopping by cause I noticed you commented on Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage's post "Bohemian Child" and just thought I'd mention I made a DIY rose garland inspired by her.



  4. i wish there's a fashion school here in cebu.....we have fine arts in one of the university that have fashion classes but you have to enroll in the whole course! buhu...

    the homeless boho look you style looks really fun...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. pax! u make me want to enroll to FIP!!! anyway, about ur photos...are you using the updated editor? i dont use photobucket din kse but i use the updated editor thats why i can make my photos extra large, parang naka-photobucket. go to settings->basic->select post editor->updated editor :)

  6. hi! wow i'd love to be a stylist too. love how you styled the model, you're so creative!

  7. Anagon- tara balik na! I'm planning to take up sewing or pattern making next. hehe

    Melai - enroll na sis!:D

    Gizelle and Cherie- thanks gorgeous!!!

  8. @Michelle - love your DIY! Now I'm inspired:)

  9. @KD - omg you're heaven sent!!!!!:) thanks love!!!


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