How I spent my weekend--In style.

I wanted to blog about my past photoshoots but I still don't have the final photos--so I'm holding that off for now. But it's pretty exciting so watch out for it!:)

So for now, I'd like to share with you how I spent the past weekend. Had a mini reunion with my Mom's side--the Aguirre clan. We flew to Bacolod then went to my Aunt's resthouse at Cauayan, Negros Occidental. Here's how it went in photos!

Excessive airconing by Cebu Pacific. 

There you go. A clearer photo of me and my sister.

 Zoe our muse.

It kind of reminds me of Santorini, Greece.

View outside.

Family room. Love how the beds were arranged!

And what's for lunch? A lot!!!

Hungry yet? Lol. But what I love is this....

... beautiful view + delicious food=perfection.

After lunch we then headed to our assigned room.

It's fantastic. The beds are super cozy. I heard my Aunt trained her staff to a hotel/spa school. Wow.

Awesome bathroom! I love the Mexican inspired sink!

My bed!

We then went down to the beach to try Jetski-ing!:)

With Manang Sands.

Jetski lessons from Manong Irvin.

Then tried it out on my own!

It's exciting at first but I got bored after a few minutes. Hehe. So we just went back to the house coz it was Meryenda Time!!!:)

Unlimited Halo-Halo. Wooow.

My 2 layer egg and cheese pimiento sandwich. Takaw.

Relatives. The view from the pool is awesome.:)

After a few hours.. it's dinner time!!! And some night swimming.

..and then some late night snack.

... i love that there's unlimited soda!

2 little mice named Pax and Tricia. Lol.

We woke up early to be able to go to the sandbar. It's a secluded spot in the middle of the ocean where we could snorkel. 

We had to ride my aunt's tagboat to go there. Yep, that's my sister smiling.

The entire house from below. Nice.

 Our little princess Zoe trying out the jetski. Hehe.

The sandbar. Too bad there were other people when we got there.

Group pic before getting off the boat.

It was really not a good place to snorkel at that time coz there were no fishes. I got bored so I got on the jetski again. Sayang eh may bayad to sa Boracay! Lol.

Fun fun fun!

We headed back to the house after 2 hours. We had a pre-lunch meryenda and a pre-lunch photo op. :)

Of course, we can't leave without taking a family picture...class picture style.

And here's just some of the Aguirre clan of Negros. :)

And then some more...

Wearing: Ralph Lauren polo, Zara shorts, SM hat, from friend shoes

It was such a fun experience. We might do it again! I hope soon.:) Thank you Tita Chole, Tita Agnes and Tito Bob for sharing your beautiful house with us!:)


  1. OMG. I'm envious of how your weekend went. Looks looootttaaa fun. Love your hats :)

  2. wow.. beautiful place, beach and house!! i love it!!! and neverending food within the beach area? my idea of paradise. hahahaha! :D looks like you had so much fun!!!

    Animated Confessions

  3. Yes, tons of fun! Thanks Melai and Sybil!:)

  4. whoaaa.. food overload! I'm loving this post. I feel like I was there :D
    The bed arrangement was amazing! And unlimited halo halo? Hello!!! :D


  5. super love sis... is this exclusive lang for your family or do they actually accept guests here? really nice!


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