Features: Fabsugar

A friend messaged me at Facebook saying she saw me at Fabsugar. Checked the link and it was their Looks of the Week feature. Thank you!:)

Then she sent me another link. This time of Fabsugar France! Weh???

Write-up is the same as Fabsugar US. But still, how sosyal! It's in french, Haha. It's also on the homepage. Weeeee! As my good friend Aimee put it, "Whatever it is... ur posted alongside alexis bledel, what else can go wrong?". To which I replied, "Tamaaaa!!!"... Oh what joy (and addiction) this thing called internet brings.


  1. nakakaloka! youre the best sis! :) pang international!!!! Congrats pax!!

  2. hahahaha over!!! thanks sis!!!:) pearl necklace ko!:P

  3. Wow! Congrats! :D

  4. Don't you just love being featured?? it's so flattering! Congrats to you! I love both of these looks! Definitely worthy of being featured!

    ~ Eboni Ife'

  5. It says:

    "The "bohemian chic" look is stylish and easy to adopt. Paxieness understood the recipe for success: a clever mix between comfortable clothes and high fashion details. Look on one side, a fringed purse and very boho denim shorts, and on the other the lace-up boots and very rockish printed t-shirt. I adore it! I think this look is very Kate Moss, don't you think?"

    Congrats! :-) Felicitations.

  6. Thank you Sybil and Mia!!!:)

    And yes it's kinda exciting seeing yourself featured hehehe, thanks Ife!:)

    Diydrama- hehe thanks for the translation!:) mwah!

  7. congrats on the features babe :)

  8. congrats! that's amazing :D:D



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