I'm a Sway Girl


Got an email from Giselle, an intern from Sway.com, a new online shop for women. Exciting! Read what Sway is all about below.

"Sway.com is a website where we give women the dream fashion job of being the designer and buyer of the brand, Sway. Each day, we will present an article of clothing that was picked by the sway members and produced meticulously and of highest quality by Sway. This piece of women’s wear will be sold in a daily deal to our community at wholesale price, because we love our community and appreciate our community’s hard work of deciding what is hot, and what is not. After this ‘24 hour’ flash sale, this piece of fashion will be sold at full retail to the rest of the world."

She also sent me their lookbook above. And so far, I'm liking what I'm seeing. *grins* Love the style of their dresses-- so dainty, sweet and undeniably chic.

And here's some good news! Are you reading this? Good. Okay here goes... If you sign up HERE and invite your friends, you will get $10 to buy any dress when the site launches! And if your friends sign up and they share it with their friends, they'd get $10 too! Best part is, if any of your friends or their friends buy a dress from Sway--you'd get a dress too--for FREE! Sweeeeet.

Now, watcha waitin' for? Just one click and you might get your dream dress for free. :)


  1. Hi dear!

    Really really really nice blog here. Looked into your past styles. Laaaavit. :)

    Super thanks for dropping by my humble blog. Hope it's not your last. More of your styles! Following you now ^__^

    Stay fashown :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. awesoem! i love finding new online clothing stores:)


  3. Thank you Melai! Loveeee your blog too!:) Especially your styling photos:)

    And Mel thanks too!:)

  4. hey! i love your blog! and of course im in love with your style, i look forward to your posts on chictopia. count me as a follower of your blog too :)


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