Saturday Night Lights

Went to San Lorenzo Village in Makati last Saturday to attend a friend's birthday. Love the food. And I missed my friends:) They're my friends from Robinsons. (I worked as an asst. buyer/asst. category officer in Robinson's main office for Mens and Ladies Accessories--a trivia about me, lol).

Anyway, here are some photos:

My girls--Kitin and Pats in their super twins mode (look at their shoes! twins!)

Group pic:)

Some good laughs. :)

Wine and Dine

At my friend's rooftop. With a view overlooking the Makati buildings. Love it.

It's always fun getting together with friends. :)

And now my outfit post:

Wearing: Thrifted top, vintage shorts and belt, Liz Claiborne vintage bag.


  1. i really like your outfit, pax!

  2. thanks kookie! i really appreciate your comments!:) love,love!:)

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  4. Hi there! Glad you liked what you found here:) Anyway, I'm gonna check out your store!:)



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