Tired and Wired

So today, we went to a far away land to source some fabrics for our (me and my sisters) new project! :) I'm so excited. Since I don't often find good clothes within reasonable prices (dresses are usually 1K+ in other stores) we decided to make our own and some more for other fashionistas too!:) We'll be producing dresses, shorts, jumpsuits and skirts in very limited numbers. We're now in the production stage. And then photoshoot. And then launch!!! :)

Hope you patronize our new venture as much as you did with Archive. :)

Love you all:)

P.S. Of course our trip won't be complete without some shopping on the side. Lol. Here are my buys. :) And at very cheap prices!

Nice fitting cargo shorts

Love my new shoes. Especially the wedge boots! It's carpet like inside, soooo comfy.


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