Fastlane Bum

Living in the fast lane makes me gasp for air everytime. Sometimes, I feel so tired--and then sometimes indifferent. Pushing boundaries are good, but only when you know your demarcation line. That's why it's essential to go out with friends often or run away somewhere placid and beautiful like the beach or somewhere close to nature. Sometimes, it's important to remember why you're here, why and how we breathe and to remember that there are so much beauty in this world--yet to be discovered. Thank you Lord for all the opportunities but also remind me to take on the world just one step at a time. :)

And for my other prayer:

Lord, thank you for all the opportunities.:) Protect me from sickness and give me more time and strength to do everything. Deliver me from bad vibes, my katamaran and undereye circles as well. Thank you!♥

Love, love:)

And here are some photos from our La Union trip last Holy Week.

Cute kid. :)

I didn't enjoy it that much because the beach was waaaaay overcrowded! I was shocked when we got there, I didn't expect that much people. Oh well, must be because it was Holy Week. This may not be my favorite beach but it was still fun. It's always fun bonding with cousins and generally just going away. :)

And no, I wasn't able to surf. The whole area was already too crowded. And I don't think I'll even try EVER--not after seeing my cousin's cousin break her nose because of a flying surfboard. No, thanks.:)

I can't wait for another beach round.

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