Finally--- VIETNAM!!!

First day in Saigon. I haven't even gotten out of our hotel room yet.

And oh, wtf Facebook's blocked here in the whole country. Blech.

Updates soon.


  1. Same thing with China. Political censorship and control.Oh, communism. I'm glad I live in a democratic country like ours. :/

  2. how was viet? :) will be going there last week of may! :) will wait for your updates! :D
    and wah! i thought blocked-sites is only in china..i love my online social net. sites!!;p haha!

  3. Hey Anagon! Check my blog again later or tomorrow I'll post the Vietnam entry and maybe some photos.:) I can also give you some tips on where to go and what to expect! Just let me know!:) You can email me at isabelipac@yahoo.com...:)


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