Finally--- VIETNAM!!!

First day in Saigon. I haven't even gotten out of our hotel room yet.

And oh, wtf Facebook's blocked here in the whole country. Blech.

Updates soon.


  1. as in blocked?? y oh y?

  2. Same thing with China. Political censorship and control.Oh, communism. I'm glad I live in a democratic country like ours. :/

  3. how was viet? :) will be going there last week of may! :) will wait for your updates! :D
    and wah! i thought blocked-sites is only in china..i love my online social net. sites!!;p haha!

  4. Hey Anagon! Check my blog again later or tomorrow I'll post the Vietnam entry and maybe some photos.:) I can also give you some tips on where to go and what to expect! Just let me know!:) You can email me at isabelipac@yahoo.com...:)


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